Will this election also be decided by the perverse American fetish for GUNS?

Trying to figure out where I sit on the issue. Number one, we do need stricter gun laws. Oh yes.

I own 10 guns. All off them handed down to me in one way or anther from family. I have not bought one of them.

I used to love shooting clay pigeons. Great fun that. Target shooting with a .22 is great fun.

I live way up in the Colorado mountains. I’ve had black bear rip off the door to my shed three times now. My first encounter with a black bear 27 years ago was when I found one in the back of my pick up truck. I do like having something to dissuade them, though I would never shoot one. My feeling is that I’m intruding on them.

Banging pots and pans or yelling at them does not always work. A shot from a large caliber rifle or pistol into a tree stump near them seems to do the job if they are staking out the house. I am going to keep at least a rifle and revolver.

I don’t have any full time neighbors up at this altitude (11,200). But, there are enough people around hiking and such that I don’t target shoot. The pop/noise of even a .22 would make an otherwise relaxed day in the mountains less fun.

What I did do is by a .22 air rifle (so I have bought one gun). It needs a special compressor to get it charged up to 3000psi. It’s nearly silent to shoot and can get dime sized groups at 100 feet. That’s fun. And after the initial investment, very cheap to shoot.

What should I do? Sell them? To whom? What would they do with them? Don’t want to just destroy them either.

Gun nuts live in an alternate reality where it’s inevitable that either they will fight the government, or they will outlive a collapsed government.

Gun nuts understand that, in a standoff with government forces, they are going to die. They are OK with this. Mainly because it’s mostly posturing - it’s easy to act badass about something that’s never going to happen. But when contemplating the risk of death, the Christian death cult believes it will be rewarded in the afterlife for its faithfulness.

Gun nuts don’t care about the impact to society or other people because the point is the ability to harm other people, and Jesus is coming to reconquer the world with fire anyway when Revelations comes true.

Gun nuts say their opponents are afraid of their rifles only because they’re scary and black, and have no problem with wooden rifle of similar function. They lack the self awareness to reflect on why they have a toddler-like insistence on buying the flashy, menacing black rifle instead of the wooden-stock rifle of similar function.

These people are mentally ill and we need to stop equipping them with toys to furnish their rage fantasies.

I think if the government or the military were given orders to drive tanks through their home towns and raid their own people, most of those guns would probably end up pointing at the same targets as the citizens.

The rifle is the last bastion. They’ve blocked and banned everything else.

I believe there should be some regulation. I’m not unreasonable. But saying I can’t have nukes and rockets is the same thing as banning rifles is asinine.

Ok, well what about semi-automatic rifles with deep magazines? What is it about being able to fire several shots a second until the magazine is empty is a Constitutional Right. One that is necessary for our freedom to be maintained?

We can argue all day about whether or not it’s a net good or a net bad, but it looks like to me if a majority of voters decide that this isn’t a necessary right, and the legislature passed laws making this type of weapon illegal without a special license, then that’s that. The gun-grabbing could commence.

There are so many out there and few records, so sure, some people would keep those rifles hidden away for generations. But most would be found, and no one would openly carry them anywhere or even take them out in public.

You’ve built yourself a pretty amusing caricature in that little noggin of yours.

I could build the same caricature about your worst kind of people and use that as justification to declare them mentally ill too (which they probably would be in all fairness) but that would be stupid.

It’s the fact that deranged psychopaths such as yourself exist that motivates the prudent to take reasonable precautions.

However, I am sympathetic to the idea that perhaps not everyone needs access to rifles that can kill 60 people a minute.

But it wouldn’t be. You’d have Waco’s and Ruby Ridges out the ass and the government turning on its own people, a constitutional crisis, and a very serious problem.

Want to grab guns? Change the amendment the way it was intended. Can’t do that? You don’t have a suitable majority.

You should look up “In common use at the time”

I think worrying about far-fetched B-movie scenarios like this instead of the real problems we face every day is a sickness that is ripping this country apart.

I found a new best friend. Will you marry me?

Well I think you’re just as complicit as me, but your deflection is very well noted.

I fear no one because I have the means and the right to defend myself.

My only fear is losing that right.

And I’d argue that your “social progress” is losing ground, big time, and you’re views are more fringe than mine.

Ruby Ridge.

And you sitting in your basement clutching your Daisy instead actually doing anything close to the macho fantasies you envision. If the simplistic “revolution” you drool about ever really happened, and you are asked afterward what you did, I doubt very much your answer(if you were capable of answering honestly) would be anything more than “I trolled message boards!”.

And I’ll ask again, when has anything like this ever happened in American history?
No, the Civil War was the American government putting down an insurrection,

CotUS, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

a Constitutional power of the government.

CMC fnord!

Oh fuck that shit. Who exactly do you intend to shoot? Who do you fantasize about blowing their brains out? People who don’t look like you? People who pray differently? You get this massive arsenal, surely you’re fantasizing about shooting somebody. You have a “right” to self defense with a weapon used by the military? No you fucking don’t. Do the world a favor and turn in your Dirty Harry fantasy toy collection before you hurt the grownups, or even worse, innocent children. Then grow the fuck up.

Take me completely out of the equation, use all the insults and ad-hom you wish, and it would still happen. It’s got nothing to do with me. I could die right now and it would still happen.

Go with that, then. Military swears an oath to defend the constitution, is majority right wing, and trained. Try turning them on their own families and see how that works out.

Get pissy if you want, doesn’t change the scope of the point.

From 1775-1783. The Americans had made many attempts to exert some power over their government prior to open rebellion, but those Brits who were in the governing business were mainly interested in securing their empire and milking their colonies for all they were worth. One thing many Americans don’t realize is just how well our revolution went. I’m certainly not going to romanticize it, but when I think over other revolutions, like Mexico, ours wasn’t nearly as ugly as it could have been. I think that’s shaped how we view revolutions today.

More right wing whackadoodle delusion. Oh yes, the military is all on your side. They all interpret the constitution exactly as you do. Exactly the thoughts of the Waco whackos who died spouting the same nonsense.

Yep, that’ll help. Have a complete, spittle-laden meltdown about a citizen exercising his rights.

When you’re done, wipe off your monitor, catch your breath, and realize that we do, in fact, have these rights, and that these rifles have never been used in the military.