Will this thread last until Monday Oct/11/2010?

Just over five years ago I started Will this thread last until Monday Aug/8/2005? with this OP:

That thread made it, with 21 people contributing – although most of the posts came from just three of us, and with five others posting three times each.

I’m just curious if the weekend crowd’s dynamics have changed enough in five years for me just to post this and leave it alone.

This is my last post in the thread, even if I’m addressed directly!

Who else will keep it alive?

If no one posts the thread will die! Nothing to see here… move along… move along…

I will post once a day for the next three days to ensure it lives, even though it may be a weak and feeble existence.

I know that makes its life artificial and inorganic. So sue me.


ETA: My weekends are no different to my week days, so I don’t fit in to either crowd.

I’m almost never on SDMB on the weekends, so here’s a Friday post from me and I’ll be back on Monday to see how things went. Godspeed, thread.

Interesting observation. I browse the Dope equally every day of the week, but then it is a well documented fact that I have no life.:stuck_out_tongue:

And to the top we go.

Oops - I forgot yesterday, but today’s today, so here I am, present and fairly correct.

My weekdays blend with my weekends because of my job so here I am, Sunday morning, with work stuff open and taking a break here and there to keep some trivial amount of sanity.

Today I will be buying a new monitor and an external hard drive. The monitor needs to be good for graphics-- not video or games, just graphics. I edit and produce a newspaper, if that helps explain. My current monitor is OLD. It would be nice to see things like, oh, punctuation marks, for instance…

The external hard drive will be for data storage- backups of newspaper files including Quark files, PDFs and image files.

Any suggestions while we’re here?

Sunday mornings everyone else sleeps late and I get to slowly peruse the Dope while drinking weekend coffee.

Weekend coffee being whatever expensive stuff we buy once in a while to enjoy only on the weekends, currently a seasonal pumpkin spice blend that’s quite yummy.

Since this is the infamous Sunday, 10-10-10, that only rolls around every 400 years, the power of this day will keep your thread alive until Monday.

It’s almost 10:10 am for those of you in the midwest time zone. I hope that none of you on the East Coast missed it.

Here is my contribution to keeping the thread alive.
Trying to clean off my dining room table-a never ending task. Helps to take little breaks. Now, back to work.

just doing my bit!

Yes, it will last!

Table still not cleaned off, but better. I cannot find the new debit card that the bank sent me!

Live, thread, live!!

will this thread last until monday oct 11 2010. maybe yes maybe no

Will this thread last until Monday, Oct 11, 2010?

O Yes
O No
O You left something out Tr0psn4j!

Duplicate post!

Whew. I wasn’t sure we were gonna make it!

I’m here; the post is here. All is right with the world.

My thanks to all for keeping this alive for the weekend.

Special thanks to

Queen Tonya

for coming back to this one after posting in the Aug/2005 thread!