Will Trump kill himself on January 20?

Well, the hundreds of thousands of people who worked on the Apollo project have successfully kept their mouths shut about how it was all fake for fifty years so hiding a self-inflicted gunshot death is a snap.

Logical thinking is not your typical CT’s strong suit.

Trump is now going to address the upcoming CPAC.

The widespread assumption used to be that the core Republican Party was just using Trump. I think it has to be admitted, though, that most Republicans really have emotionally bought into the cult. Significant Republican figures are making pilgrimages to Mar-A-Lago to swear fealty to a guy who no longer holds public office and almost certainly never will again.

I notice Pence declined their invitation to speak.

Gee, I wonder what he’s going to talk about… ? :thinking:

What a great job Biden is doing? How it’s fantastic that Biden has increased the daily number of COVID shots? Good wishes for the people of Texas and other states that were hit hard by the winter storm? Chuckling and shaking a naughty finger at Cruz for heading to Mexico and leaving “Snowflake” (hehe) behind?

Oh, wait… trump doesn’t chuckle…

Pence may be keeping his mouth shut, but I don’t think he wants to be any where near Trump. Of course, that could eventually change but maybe, just maybe, he might not get over the fact that Trump tried to have him killed.

Pence is simply another of the craven Rs that hope Trump will simply die (or be jailed) before it gets serious in 2022 or 2024. So they can mutter platitudes when forced to, and generally just stay quiet & bide their time.

It’s a cowardly tactic in service of a cowardly strategy.

I was not implying I thought Pence’s motivations were anything like noble. Just interesting that it is further evidence of the rift.

For sure; there was no love there from the beginning. And as awful as DJT is when viewed from the cheap seats like we have, it’s gotta by thousands of times worse to actually interact with that guy on a regular basis.

I would like to apologize for ever thinking Pence would behave like decent human being. It’s just so hard some times to comprehend that Republicans have absolutely no self-respect. I’ll try not to make that mistake again.

Well, for a certain mindset Donny Two-scoops represents someone to exemplify. Why would they not continue to kiss his ass?

He’s the Chumpinator. Just when you think he’s been destroyed for good, he keeps comin’ at ya.

Pence needs to get back in there- trump’s jock isn’t going to sniff itself.

With any luck, it’s the Republikan party now committing suicide.

He doesn’t need Pence any more. The vast majority of the Pubs are rushing to do this for him.

Will Trump kill himself on January 20?

No. Why did you post this, and why is it still open?

Damn it, everytime this thread pops back up I get my hopes up all over again.

The question about why a thread discussing possible events on a date now past is a valid one, which I think you’ll have to take up with the mods? But the question about why it was posted just shows that you didn’t read the OP, in which that question is answered in detail:

It’s not only the past date, but also the fact that a no one, especially a non-medical professional, is able to diagnose the mental condition of someone whom they’ve never met.

This is an internet messageboard, not a medical consultation. All of the above is entirely personal conjecture, speculation and opinion and not a “diagnosis” in any meaningful sense. I assume that, as a longtime member of this messageboard, you are aware that any legal or medical discussions here do not carry any professional weight whatsoever.

I call bullshit.

For the past four+ years trump has shared spewed every thought he ever had at the moment he was having it. (Until his wings were clipped.) We who have “never met him” know more about him, his thinking (ahem), his points of view, his intentions, his internal/external dialogues, his prejudices, and every single thing there is to know about him than any doctor or therapist he has ever met or will ever meet. If he spent an hour on a shrink’s couch five days a week for 20 years, that shrink would not know any more about him than the American public knows. So the “let’s not comment on the mental state of people whose hand we have never shaken” rule applies to normal people and does not apply to motor-mouth, let-it-all-hang-out donald trump.