Will Trump kill himself on January 20?

Yep. Fleeing to a “no-extradition-treaty-country” isn’t some sort of get-out-of-jail free card. It just means that the government of that country decides whether the benefit of letting you stay outweighs the costs. And given that his financial assets would be frozen, his complete disinterest in his own intelligence briefings, and that the Biden Administration would undoubtedly sanction any country harboring him, I just don’t see any country calculating that he’s worth the hassle.

Probably not a perfect analogy, but I’m reminded of Julian Assange, who spent seven years in the Ecuadoran embassy in London, having been granted asylum by Ecuador – Sweden was seeking to extradite him on sexual assault charges, which could have led to his further extradition to the U.S.

But, eventually, Assange pissed off the Ecudadoran government enough (and/or became a bargaining chip for the Ecuadoran goverment to receive an IMF loan) that they revoked his asylum, and allowed the British authorities to enter the embassy and arrest him.

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“Special presentation; The top 10 failures of the Trump administration. You won’t believe #4!!!”

Sure. I know that, and you know that, but does Trump know that? And if someone tells him, will he believe them? Would he be able to admit to himself that some other country wouldn’t be thrilled to have him living there?

This discussion brings to mind my favorite episode of The Closer, “Good Housekeeping.” It involves some of the complexities of extradition (obviously, since I’m thinking of it). If you’re looking for a satisfying hour of TV, check it out.

Move over. You’re not allowed to hog that delight by yourself.

Grab a spot early. The Fire Marshall says occupancy is limited to 275 million.

Imagine Trump living in a Muslim country; there’s just no shortage of irony around him.

As in diplomats with bone saws?

I would imagine he’s still got at least one paralegal who can do a Google search, print it out, and say “no go here. jail bad.” Anybody’s guess whether he’d listen or not.

Once again we have to remember that to avoid jail, he would pull any string, grease any palm, blacken any mail. He’s not a smart man, but he’s a wizard at corruption, and he’s been the most powerful man in the world for 4 years now. I think it would be foolish to expect that he (or his proxies) haven’t at least attempted to prepare the ground for a soft landing somewhere.

Pop a copy of Midnight Express into the DVD player. Some countries don’t have a Club Fed.

It’s widely reported that during the many daily President meetings he paid not the slightest attention to anyhting the word “Trump” was in the sentence or on the page.

So your warning, as written, would go unheeded. Let us hope …

Like this?

Yes, @ThelmaLou; exactly like that.

Nice work decoding my mangled C&P edit job. It should have read:

This is my guess. I’ve been expecting him to for the country for a while.

Must… resist… obvious… joke.

Huh, i wonder how my phone turned “flee” into “for”. I guess if you wobble the y coordinate.

I thought there was a missing word or words before the “for” just like LSLGuy’s post was missing a critical word, and there are some choice words I can think of that could have gone in there.

Kushner has a lot of connections in that part of the world. Somewhere in the book Fire and Fury, one of those shysters, I don’t remember which one, quipped that Kushner was the perfect person to handle Mid-East policy because “he knew all the crooks in Israel”. He wasn’t joking

The press was not too hard on the Trump/Kushner cartel. They probably could’ve run a feature a week on the associates of the crime dynasty running the Executive branch, but they didn’t want to look like they were picking on him and there were so many other things.

I’d been wondering how they got the leaves so shiny!