Will Trump serve a full term?

Gambling odds are currently 50-50 on Trump spending four years in the White House. There are many reasons why he may get impeached. I have also heard a lot of speculation that he might get tired of it and resign.

Impeachment just means formal charges brought against him; not the same as being removed from office. If you recall, Bill Clinton was impeached. He was not removed from office.

Also: it takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate to remove. No way in hell that will happen.

If I had to bet (and, hey, I need to get well off that Hillary beat), I’d say he’ll serve a full term but not win a second term.

My money’s on a heart attack within a year.

Why not? You think that given the right reason his new rebupkiss buds won’t dump him pronto?

That will be the official explanation from Dr whatshisname. But I think it will be from nervous collapse and exhaustion. He’s not right in the head. It’s obvious. Look at his face when he’s speaking publicly and imagine living in that psyche for 70 years.

I think he’ll die in office. He’s old, fat, and exciteable.

Actually, let me modify that. He might be pushed out, forced to resign, if he shows progressive dementia.

If that happens, it will be the most progressive thing about his misadministration.

I’m leaning toward no. Obviously, it’s all in the hands of the GOP congress, but considering his approval ratings are already in the tank, if they drop lower, he becomes more of a liability than a benefit. The largest protests in the history of the United States the day after his inauguration probably doesn’t give them a lot of faith that those numbers could improve. And they’d rather have Pence. Add the specter of all of the intelligence agencies gunning for him, and there will be more than enough material to force him out of the motivation is there.

I think even odds is about right.

I really doubt that. And wouldn’t hope for it either, because then we’d have President Pence, which would be even worse.

I think it’s exceeding likely, when you add “four years of high stress.” The stress from his maintaining the necessary levels of cognitivie dissonance alone would take out most of us.

I loathe Pence, but it’s hard to care at this point. The very fact that we’ve had a President Trump for even one day has done such huge damage to America, and I’m pretty pessimistic. I am expecting it to become the world’s largest third-world country in a decade or two.

Just an idea, not very confident, but a possibility:

I base this on history, his never ending moves to get even with others will lead to his impeachment like Nixon, but only after his reelection just like the crook. Unfortunately.

Fortunately, I also expect that Pence will be out before the impeachment, most likely not like Agnew in disgrace, but by being ashamed of Trump.

And I can see Trump as a guy that will not resign. He is just the kind of guy that will milk his eventual firing and still get a profit out of it. That Republicans will be affected by having remained in bed for so long with Trump will not be of importance to him.

My guess is that he’ll decide to resign when he discovers that being President is no fun.
His staff will invent a medical excuse to cover up the real reason.

Trump will find it demeaning that he can’t control his own schedule—his days will be regulated to the minute, down to his bathroom breaks.
He’ll be deeply insulted that he has to live in a dump like the White House, where the toilet is plain white with no gold platiing, and his name isn’t engraved on everything.
And he’ll be shocked when he is told that from now on, he can’t grab pussy.

Serve a full term?

Doesn’t treason carry the death penalty in the US?

No way. He will be out in not much time.

I think the odds are at least slightly against him staying in office for a full term. Either he’ll walk away or he’ll be removed, or he’ll have a heart attack or be assassinated. I’d say the four of those add up to over 50%.

His victory speech on election night even included him saying “two years or three years or four years, or maybe even eight years”, as if he’s only interested in sticking around as long as his attention span allows.

While I think that Trump is probably in violation of the Constitution and should be impeached and removed from office, I’m actually starting to think that he might pull a Palin and just quit when he realizes how hard it is. The man seems to be incapable of ignoring even the slightest insult and I don’t think it ever occurred to him that he would be criticized as mercilessly as he criticized Obama. The way he’s going, he’s one Stephen Colbert monologue away from having a complete break with reality.

A lot of Republicans might prefer Pence to Trump.

But will he be able to resist the opportunity to make billions and billions of dollars? See, I don’t think he’s as cash-rich as he claims to be, which is the main reason he didn’t want to these his financial statements. But as President, with all of his conflicts of interest, he can rake in some serious dough for real. Could he walk away from that?

Nah. He’s got an army of officials and yes-men now who will filter out any information that could shake his world-view.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he did quit/was removed/died in the next four years, but I worry that in the meantime much younger, healthier and more vigorous people who are much more directed in their nastiness than Trump will abuse the machinery of state.