Will Trump leave office peacefully and normally if he loses the election?

Yes that Sec of Defense also served as Sec of Energy for Carter.

The current SOD is a retired Army Lt. Colonel so I think he can stand up to Trump.

I’d like to get ahead of the game.

Will insert next first-term President here leave office peacefully when opponent wins?
Will insert next first-term President here cancel the next Presidential election?

Keep it handy the next time a fascist is elected president. Of course, the first 44 were not fascists so you might have a long wait.

I would say the next President will leave peacefully and normally when his term of office is done. And I have said that Donald Trump will not leave peacefully and normally when his term of office is done if he loses the election and it’s a single term.

I base both of these predictions on the historical record. All of the people who have held the office of President, with one exception, have recognized the dignity of the office and have behaved accordingly. And Trump has been the exception.

You missed the point. This comes up EVERYTIME a President runs for re-election. It happened when Obama ran for re-election … or are you saying Obama was a Fascist?

How much of a bet are you willing to make on that prediction?

You missed the point. This is the first time the President himself has floated the idea as have his acolytes.

If Trump wins a second term (shudder), the question may still stand in slightly altered form: **Will Trump leave office peacefully and normally at the end of a second term? **

By then he’ll be 78, if his bad health habits haven’t killed him. On the other hand, autocratic types seem to live a long time; didn’t Mugabe hold on to power until he was 93? And who knows, maybe Ivanka will be president-elect (double shudder) so he won’t mind stepping aside.

So, putting on my Captain Obvious hat for a moment, a lot could happen between now and 2024. But if he hangs on for another term and the new president-elect is not someone from his inner circle, we are apt to be asking about the nature of his departure four years from now.

My prediction, if he loses: I think he’ll leave relatively peacefully although he’ll call somewhat vaguely for an uprising, and his supporters will talk darkly about a revolution in the streets. Nothing much will come of it, though, despite his increasingly outraged and incoherent tweet-storming. In other words, he’ll leave more or less peacefully, but not normally.

The problem is that troublesome interval between losing the election in November and the new President being sworn in in January. The loser is still the President and still able to give orders to the military as commander in chief. If he wants to, he can dig his heels in and cry “election fraud”. He might, as a consequence, declare a national emergency, necessitating a nullification of the election results and, just maybe, declare martial law. While the House would be in uproar, the Senate, with Mitch McConnell’s mouth full of Trump’s balls, would likely go along with him. While this sounds far-fetched, consider the shit-stain fucktard we are dealing with. I have a feeling, though, that the military would not cooperate in the end. He has pissed off too many of the generals he claimed to love so much.

You just described Hillary to a T!

And I’d like to get a jump ahead in the game: Has any President before Trump done this? Or this? :eek: Note that in both cases Trump himself tweeted or retweeted this nonsense. It wasn’t attributed to him by opponents (as with Dubya) or thrown out into the ether by over-enthusiastic but unauthorized supporters, Trump adopted it as his own.

And to get two jumps ahead to leapfrog the inevitable “Trump was joking” imagine the GOP/Fox (but I repeat myself) reaction if Obama had made the same joke as sitting President. :dubious: Not that he would’ve been stupid enough to make that joke, never mind multiple times.

None. I don’t gamble.

I think he’ll leave peacefully if not normally after a second term. I would expect a lot of petulant bitterness.

But I think he would have passed his peak by the end of a second term. If Trump gets re-elected in 2020, I predict he will spend a significant portion of his second term trying to change the law so he can run for a third term. And I think he will fail because he doesn’t have the skills to push something like that through on his own and he won’t get his usual support from other Republicans on that issue.

So Trump will try to lay the groundwork for a third term and fail. And he will then retreat into angry conspiracy theories. Somebody else will become the Republican nominee and Trump will mutter that they’re “betraying” him. Trump will be as unhappy being replaced by a Republican as he would be is a Democrat replaces him. Trump doesn’t want anyone who isn’t himself to be President.

Trump’s disapproval will probably split the party and undermine whoever the 2024 Republican candidate is. So the Democrats will probably win in 2024 in Trump gets his second term.

In what universe? Is it the one where Spock has a beard?

Maybe he meant Sir Edmund Hilary. You know how he was always going about Everest this and Everest that.

Maybe “T” means troglodyte?

Urinals will flush…

Very few people agree with me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he committed suicide somewhere along the way. (No, I don’t want that to happen, especially because of Barron.)

Back in the Nixonian era, I was gifted with a pad of elegant stickers.
I adorned public restrooms across the land. I felt empowered. Right.

But this is a new age in need of new approaches. Sure, I could go with:
It just doesn’t have the right ring to it. We need some vivid slogans.

How about: