Will TSP hurt my garden?

TSP (trisodiumphosphate)

I’m painting the exterior of my house, siding. As directed, I have been first washing it with TSP then rinsing with the garden hose. I was assured this step was required before priming to insure best results.

Things have been going swimmingly thus far, including summer like weather in October :smiley: .

Now, however. I have reached an area where my garden is directly below the area to be washed. Some raspberry bushes and a four year old cherry tree.

This was the first year the cherry tree produced any amount of fruit, I’d hate to cause a set back. Then I think, gee, it’s late in the year most everything in the garden is dying off naturally at this time of year maybe I shouldn’t worry.

Someone suggested I simply douse the garden with lots of water afterward.

The concentration, about a hand ful of TSP to a large metal laundry tub half full, hope that helps.

So I’m asking, do I need to cover the garden with tarps or some such or will it be okay?

Wikipedia has a great rundown on the subject. Apparantly the phosphate portion actually acts as a fertilizer, and the product is used as a food additive.

Okay, the key word is “sodium”. Generally, sodium is a vegetation killer.

Not sure if the chemistry involved means the sodium is free from the phosphate for absorbtion, but anyone with a green thumb avoids anything that says ‘sodium’.

I believe the mechanix involved have to do with the plants absorbing sodium with no way to realease it (or ‘fix it’), thus blocking plants (esp grass) from absorbing other nutrients.