Will we see a nuclear weapon used in the next 20 years?

I am curious what people feel about this. I am not asking for any facts ot reasons really. I am just wondering what peoples gut tell them. I am talking about anywhere in the populated world.

IMHO I believe we will see a nuke go off somewhere in the middle east or north america before 2025.

Just MHO of course.

It’s quite likely. India/Pakistan are just as likely as North America and the Middle East. The North Koreans don’t seems too shy about using them. I wouldn’t say Europe is in the clear either. Sad to say, but places like Washington D.C., New Delhi, Tel Aviv and Islamabad may be living on borrowed time.

Probably. I don’t have any specific reasons as to why, but I have boundless faith in humanity’s ability to screw things up.

Deep Sigh

This is not something I would normally like to postulate about, but in lieu of our current world situation I’d have to say yes. When I ask people who were around how they felt after Hiroshima and Nagasaki non of them said they jumped for joy. It was not exactly the happiest moment in US history. It may have led to the end of the world war, but imagine if hitler had a usable nuke?

Now that the technology is out there where other countries with less than ideal philosophies posess nukes, the idea frightens me even more. I live on the eastern seaboard of the US right now, but as soon as Mrs.Phlosphr and I decide to have children, a migration more inland my be in the works…

Let’s just hope our children are not dealing with nuclear holocaust on a grand scale in the future.

As fanatical as some dictators appear to be, would they be that fanatical without a constituency? No. And do they want to slaughter their entire following? No. So the use of Nuclear arms may see it’s day again, but I doubt it will lead to worldly destruction.

Though my zip code may read 59401 before things really heat up…if they do.

There’s also the possibility of using nukes as underground “bunker busters”. This is the likeliest scenario of the US using a nuke, I think.

Revtim - why do you think OBL won’t show his face on a video? Maybe because we have already used low yield underground bunker-busters.

[sub]**complete speculation, of course![/sub]

I don’t think we’ll see an all-out nuclear war, but I think one or several nukes will be used, and I don’t think we’ll have to wait 20 years either.

As the Chinese say, we live in interesting times.

It may not have been exactly the happiest moment, but every person I’ve spoken with who was around at the time (and wasn’t a babe in arms) described how they were jumping for joy. The war was over - finally, finally over.

It’s just interesting to hear from someone else that none of the first-person accounts they heard were ecstatic or relieved.