Will Wisconsin explode on Thursday?

Tens of Thousands Protest our gov Wanker Walker’s plan

The vote for this could be Thursday.

This is a prediction on how violent things could get in the future not a political debate about polices.

never mind.

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Yes, I could see you avoiding politics by the use of “Wanker” Walker.

I think if this passes there will be violence. It’s just a matter of how long it takes.

Madison public schools were closed on Wednesday (not enough teachers). Other public employees are out in the streets. There is talk the Governor wants to split UW Madison from the entire UW system.

Will the Tea Party find their tea is thrown into Lake Mendota?

The War At Home is returning.

Will Madison be the Tunisia of a coming rebellion in America against the wingnuts?

I grew up and went to school in Madison.

Give 'em hell, guys.

Funny you titled the thread like that as my sister walked into the house and announced “ALL THE WISCONSIN BOARDERS ARE CLOSED!!!” Of course she meant the bookstores, but my other sister would have been halfway to a bombshelter had my dad been the bombshelter type of person.

Obviously Wisconsin needs to spend more on education.

I spent 3 years in Wisconsin long ago.

The state is beautiful, the waters and forests are divine.

The people, perhaps a bit more off the norm than elsewhere.
Some curiosities;

I was never tailgated on the highway unless the roads were icy

A friend avoided a DUI by sharing a brewski and making friends with the cop

My town had several banks, all with the same name, that were not branches of each other

My usage of turn signals befuddled several drivers

The sausage bread at Gloriosos is great

lake effect snow is annoying and highly localized at times

only place I ever experienced children throwing snowballs at moving cars was Racine

The guy behind you was thinking “Asshole doesn’t know how to drive on ice. C’mon, buddy pick up the pace”

Neat place, haven’t tried the sausage bread. He just got a new building across the street. Joe Glorioso (and his brothers) is a good friend of my dads. We buy a lot of stuff for our store from him. If you’re ever in the area again check it out. Also check out Tenuta’s in Kenosha. I’m not sure how long ago you were here, but Mrs Gloioso was killed about 6 or 7 years ago crossing the street.

Last winter I got 13+ inches at my house. Less then 2 miles away was dry pavement and still green grass. Seriously, 13 inches, the airport shutdown.

Lucky it was just snowballs. My problem with Racine is people just walking into the road without looking. Kids and adults alike. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to jump on my breaks and honk my horn (and I’m the asshole) to avoid hitting someone. At least once a year I hear a news report of someone getting killed out there and the statement from the driver is always something along the lines of “He just came out from between the cars” or “He just ran into the road without looking” or “He made eye contact with me and just walked in front of my car, but I was less then 10 feet away, there’s no way I could have stopped that fast” Luckily this was mostly on one stretch of road so I always kept my eyes open or avoided it if I could.

I grew up in Wisconsin, and my family still lives up there. My father is a retired UW professor. I have a number of friends who work for either the state, or local governments. They’re mad as hell, but I guess I’d be surprised if there winds up being much in the way of actual violence.

I was originally thinking it would be peaceful, but add in two items. The unions from across the country are watching this, and the governor threatened to call in the National Guard if the people don’t shut up and go away.

I live less than a mile from the capitol, two blocks off Monona Bay. My wife works for the DNR and probably 80% of my friends are employees of either UW or state agencies. It’s pretty crazy here, and there’s this amazing sense of collective betrayal on the part of our political system.

It’s not helped by the fact that Walker is viewed as very anti-Madison (he’s from Milwaukee), the majority of those affected are in the Madison metro area, and that most of our electoral results follow the trend of our general election results mirroring the results in Dane County (Madison, very liberal) and Waukesha County (Waukesha/suburban Milw, very right wing/conserv. Xtian)…so here in Madtown there’s a real sense of the politics of right/left being exploited to achieve big picture goals of the right.

Even my fundie right wing relatives have admitted that Walker is going way too far and that he’s taking these drastic steps with ulterior political motives in mind.

Not helping is the fact that the numbers he’s been using to support his case are viewed as flawed at best and deceitful at worst by non-partisan NGOs and in fact the state superintendent has come out and said so.

The Governor wants to end collective bargaining for those public employee unions that did not support him in his elections. Those unions that endorsed him are not subject to the legislation to end collective bargaining.

At the same time Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin (who heads the House budget committee) sidestepped the entire issue claiming the bill would bring parity to public employees by requiring to pay for their own benefits similar to private industry. He made no mention the bill would eliminate collective bargaining across the board.

My kids are out of school today. The Sun Prairie School District is very apologetic about the disruption. My wife and I feel like we might be the only parents in the Sun Prairie district who actually support what the teachers are doing.

My wife and I tried to get lunch at the Old Fashioned on the square on Tuesday. I knew about the protests but had a brain fart and didn’t put two and two together. We actually found a parking spot, but never ordered lunch because it was so packed. I haven’t been down to the square since, but from the pictures it looks like the crowds have swelled enormously since then.

I know my sister’s been protesting–she’s finishing up her BA at UW-Madison, and will be teaching special ed classes in Wisconsin starting next summer.

I’m with GameHat on this–give 'em Hell.

And I thought it meant there was a critical room shortage.

Interesting. Quashing protests with the National Guard? Wouldn’t doing that be a clear violation of first amendment rights? They can threaten it but they can’t actually DO that.

Only a Republican.