Will you explain a magic trick to your child ?

You took your son ( 12 years) to a magic show. The tricks are very good. You know how these are done.

But if your son asks you how they are done will you tell him ?? Or will you let him remain curious ?

No. If he wants to know how they’re done then he can find out. It’ll be a learning experience. Plus it teaches him that sometimes you need to make a little effort in order to acquire knowledge.

Unless he’s bugging you every minute of every day for a week then maybe tell him to shut him up.

If he asks, and I know, I would explain it. And get him a book on basic tricks so he can give it a try! I don’t think knowing how its done takes any of the fascination out of it. Misdirection is a very interesting phenomenon of human perception.

My oldest daughter loves magic , and I do my best to explain as much as I can. She also likes to watch that show where they reveal how all the tricks are done. I see no value in refusing to tell her. I’ve never found it entertaining not to be able to figure out a magic trick, just frustrating.

If he really wanted to know I would tell him. But if he said “Wow - how’d they do that?!” I wouldn’t.