Will you get a likely heart attack from sucking your thumb?

Once I read on the internet that there is a very good chance for “adults” which was vague but let’s just say above 25, to have a high chance of dying from a heart attack if they sucked their thumbs. I think it was in that “dangerous” way of sucking on things by using your lungs to draw air in with your thumb in an airtight seal inside your mouth, and not sucking normally with your mouth.

I mean, it does feel vaguely risky when you do that, so surely something has to give, right?

Also, does over breathing and then holding for a few seconds have a good chance of seriously damaging something?

No and no.

Both activities are completely physiologic and do not cause any increased risk for untoward outcomes. Everybody does some sort of physiologic equivalent of those activities, in the form of valsalva maneuvers or ordinary eating and swallowing, daily.

That’s all I had to read.

I mean sucking from the lungs, not the mouth. Most of the time, such as when you are drinking through a straw, you are sucking through the mouth, but I was talking about attempting to pull air through the lungs through your mouth when there is a blockage.

Surely at the least this would put strain on the lungs and prolonged sucking would make them rip or tear apart.

I’m pretty certain an argument using, “Surely…” is on the ropes.


Thumbsucking Quarterly?
The Pacifier?

No, don’t do this.

You will immediately break out in shingles.

I’m imagining someone laying in bed, thumb in mouth and BOOM! their lungs explode :smiley:

Yeah I don’t think this is something you have to worry about unless there are aliens around.

Why on earth would you think that? Breathe wrong and the body tears itself apart???

OP, do you have a blue blankie that your neighbor’s beagle keeps trying to steal from you? :smiley:

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This is true because you just read it on the internet.

Well, I can’t find the article anymore. I read few years ago, though, and it was on a smaller, lesser unknown website so it might be gone.

Why would this be dangerous for adults, but not children under the age of 5?

Just as well.

Seems like it’s been haunting you ever since.

I tend to breathe through my nose. Doing that is sufficient for all but the most labor-intensive activities. Were I to be sucking my thumb, it would not be creating a blockage, and it is not common for thumb-sucking to occur during heavy work or exercise. So, no, no risk. At all.