Will you kill me if I link this?

Okay… if I dont tell you that this is my page, will it still be a plug?
Please, dear moderators, if you consider this a plug, just close the thread or delete it, but dont bann me. Thanx. I like it here, you know. :slight_smile:

But still I got to show off my skanky new page…

Those are really warped cards, mostly about weed, sex and simple randomness.
They are tasteless, I know… but so am I.

Oh and to make this thread more than a simple plug:
Question: What does DNFTT stand for???


Yes…yes I will kill you.
Don’t ever make me link to something as stupid as that again.

Kinda goofy…I’ve sent you 96,000 of them.

DNFTT = Do not fee the troll.

or maybe “Dogs now find toes tasty”
or perhaps “Did Nancy **** that thing?”

I think this link is acceptable. At least it doesn’t appear that you are using your page to make money from the members here. A link of that sort would, of course, be unacceptable.

thanx for the translation…

With complaints about my webpage write to:


All my pages are on geoshitties…
that should tell about my finances…
damn… I cant remember when I wasnt skint…
There must have been a time… maybe a xmas day… back when grannys used to be measuring love in money…
No… dont make money with this… this is… what me little geek spends her sparetime on…


Yes, we will all kill you.

We will then chop you up into little pieces, and spread your remains out on a drying rack for 2 weeks in an old drafty barn.

After we pick out all of the stems and seeds, we will use hydraulic equipment to press the individual BornDodgy remains into blocks of hash, because you are so fucking stoned that you are likely to be at least 28% THC by body weight. That would rate you as maybe a blond hash, maybe red, but certainly not enough for black hash.
No, black hash is too high quality to be made from your remains.

We will then throw a big post party to celebrate your last post, and then we will all fire up a giant bong that has been fashioned out of a pottery kiln, an aqualung, and a glass-bottomed boat, and we will smoke you. We shall name it “Medusa”, because it will have 9985 tubes coming out of it, so that every registered Doper can simultaneously hit off of it. It will probably be a bad high.

We will all speak incoherently afterwards, and use expressions and abbreviations known only to us. We will then fly back to your home planet of Rigel 7, and will walk around bobbing like pigeons.

No, you didn’t hallucinate this. It really is here. Take another toke, and check the page in, like, an hour, man, and like, (cough) it will still be here.
(Sorry, Dodgy, but I couldn’t resist. All in good fun, you know. Oh, yeah, Welcome to the SDMB!!! We’re all just a bunch of wise-asses looking for a good time. Have a most enjoyable day.)

You are killing me!!! (literally)

And you are responsible for orange juice all over my screen.
I hope you feel guilty now.


Hmmm…skanky is close, but not quite the right word…

throws cushion on brandocet

You’re too far of a swim to kill. I’ll have to settle for this . . .

gets out putz rifle

Sorry, Dodgy. But look at the bright side…

There’s an idea for a new card…

“Tired of spewing on your keyboard?”

“Try a Keyboard Condom!”

dire wolf you are a genius!!!
Another card! Will make that… believe me… I will evil grin

wow… my page does now also have a starting page…
I feel good now.

hehehe… sings I was bored enough to make an index page*

I sent one to GlobeTrotter (FKA Moosie Girl) yesterday for her birthday. Those cards are a hoot! I haven’t looked at them all, but I love the one about the way to a bloke’s heart. LMAO!

Is that all your original artwork?

yahooooo!!! Somebody likes it!!!

hugs Shayna

Each pic by me :slight_smile:
I ll still put some more up - so if you have a fun idea, just tell me and I draw it :slight_smile:


We won’t kill you but don’t be surprised if there’s a knock on the door of your flat and you see two guys wearing plaid hunting jackets and toques. The tall burly one is known as Jimmy the Nipple and the other one with the shifty eyes is simply known as Feynn. The arm of the Canuck mafia stretches far and wide.

We can’t promise that it will be painless but we always serve beer to our victims. Before a man goes he should at least be able to taste the best brew on the planet. And when we lay down the Canadian bitch slap it won’t hurt nearly as much…

Consider this a warning and a welcome.


I dont like beer.
Can I have wine instead?
smiles innocently