Will you watch the video of Saddam's execution?

I heard on NPR this evening that the Iraquis say they are going to videotape the execution. Of course, the networks are alternately wetting themselves and jerking off over the idea of actually airing it. They seem to agree though, that it will get posted on the internet about .75 seconds after it happens.

So…will you watch it?

(Apologies etc. if this has been posted already. I didn’t find anything.)

I would.

No, never, not for anything.

:smack: Ok, that’s what I deserve for asking a yes/no question.

Will you watch it and why or why not?

I’ve seen people die in hospitals, but never in an execution.

Just curious, is all.

Yeah, I’ll watch it, simply out of morbid curiosity.


(oh wait - that’s who’s sponsoring the telecast. Kind of like Nike on athlete’s uniforms)

Ultimately, will I have a choice? Did anyone ask me if i ever wanted to hear We Are The World?

Not a chance.

D’oh! Cafe Society, of course. I was scooped by nearly an hour.

Nevermind this thread, let’s go crash this one.

i wont seek it out, in fact it will probably find me. I have mixed emotions about this “event”. The man is a monster, he used to be a “tame” monster owen (and operated) by the USA… then he got away, and became a monster at largfe.

I saw the photos of the villages of Kurd’s he gassed (Didn’t seek them out either, they found me). The picture of the bloated corpse of the woman surrounded by her children’s bloated corpses is one I associate with Saddam. (Note, the famous photo of Rumsfield shaking hands with saddam was taken on the day that event occured)

I will know from multiple sources that the “monster is dead”… I have no need or desire to see the killing.

I see the whole history of Saddam as a failure of Global Humanity. There is no need to celebrate yet another death associated ( his own in this case) with him, even as a passive observer.


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