William Dafoe look-alike in My Fair Lady

In the second scene, outdoors, where it’s raining and Eliza first meets Pickering and Higgins, there’s this short guy who comes out from behind a pillar right after Eliza solicits a donation from Pickering for her ruined flowers who says something along the lines of “There’s a bloke behind the pillar who’s taking down every word you’re saying.”

Does anyone know who he is, and if he’s related to William Dafoe? The resemblance is uncanny.

Well, first, it’s Willem Dafoe.

Second, the IMDB full credits page lists “bystander who warns Eliza” as Walter Burke, who, while racking up quite a lovely collection of bit parts over the course of a half-century career, doesn’t seem to be related to Mr. Dafoe at all.

From the IMDB minibiography.

Must be this guy.

Try this picture.

If anyone’s got the DVD, go to the 6th minute and 21st second. You’ll see what I mean.

And right, Willem. My bad.

Actually, his real name is William. His nick/stage name is Willem. He admitted his dismay about it to Jon Stewart some time back on The Daily Show.