William Shatner heads off to the final frontier (space, not death)

I expect they’ll be no tribble at all.

Who are the women accompanying him?

There are only 4 people on this next flight, not the 6 that it can hold. Only one is female, Audrey Powers. She’s a senior executive with Blue Origin.

That’s one hell of a company perk!


I ask because, well, Captain Kirk. You know.

The flight only lasts about 10 minutes and about 3 minutes of that are for boosting. So only 7 minutes (combined freefall, reentry, and parachuting) for fun and games. And they have to be back in their seats for reentry. How much romancing could he do in that time?

“Warp 10, Yeoman Rand!”

In the wink of an eye…

What was her name? Deela?

Yes. Deela.

Audrey Powers is actually Shatner’s wife, at least according to one site I found. Blue Origin didn’t mention that in their email about them, nor does Shatner’s Wikipage mention her.

Shatner’s IMDB bio (which may or may not be current) indicates that he has been married to Elizabeth (Anderson) Shatner since 2001, but it also indicates that they have filed for divorce.

Wikipedia says the divorce was finalized in Jan 2020.

Oh. Too bad he isn’t dead.

I’m only interested in this story if George Takei is at the controls for this flight.

It probably depends on whether she’s wearing a miniskirt, and/or a top that shows a lot of skin, yet mysteriously no cleavage.

What if a Vulcan ship is passing by and just happens to detect the launch of the spacecraft? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Person carrying rockets must’ve gotten the bugs worked out of them. It’s not such a dangerous stunt anymore, apparently.

“The humans appear to still be at the suborbital stage of space exploration that we detected 60 years ago. Interesting…”

Also “fascinating…”

“There appears to have been some human activity upon the large natural satellite in the past, but it appears to have been abandoned. It is our consensus that these humans may never explore past the fourth planet in their solar system. Unfortunate.”