willow and wesley to marry?

Is it true?

Are alyson and alexis to do the deed?

Have they already done the deed?

What network will televise the wedding?

Endless q’s…

I found this at eonline

You lucky bastard!!!

I see they don’t watch the show often.

The sexiest thing ever said on TV…

During the episode where Xander was the object of desire for all of the women in Sunnydale-

Xander says something like “stop, Willow, or I’ll have to use force!”

Willow smiles, looks up into the camera, and says “Force is ok.”


Lucky bastard!

Can I just say, damn you flano1 for your thread title. You planted in my brain both the image of Willow Rosenberg and Wesley Crusher doing it and of Alyson Hannigan and Wil Wheaton doing it. Again I say, damn you!

Yeah that was a good episode…I don’t know what it is about Willow/Allyson Hannigan, but I find her to be really hot…:stuck_out_tongue: (that’s a drooling smiley)

That’s nothing. I was thinking Wil Wheaton and that midget guy from the movie Willow.

Years from now, when they pull me out of my drooling catatonia and ask me what it was that sent me over the edge, I’m gonna point straight to you, Smeghead.

Of course, seconds later the mental image will flood my mind again, causing another seven or eight years of catatonia, which means you’ll have plenty of time to get away.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some drooling to do.

It’ll be you and me in the hospital Fnoonf

Ha! So Joss was lying when he said there wouldn’t be any more crossovers!