Wimmens! PLEASE Mark Stuff Us Guys Ain't Supposed To Eat......

… outta the damn Fritch!

(“Fritch” is “Fridge” written that way for my sweet German Mama, okay?)

Anyway, I seem to be getting into real worlds of shit because all of a sudden everything in the Fritch doesn’t belong to everyone who lives here!

I mean, Damn!! So now I have to tell my D what I’ve taken outta the fritch???:smack:

This is not a good thing, sweet peoples, it’s a FUNNY thing! :wink:

Any of you other males got this prob?



Yeah, my wife hits me with that one from time to time. I claim that anything in the fritch is fair game unless it is either marked, or she tells me that something is off limits. Otherwise, as far as I am concerned, my inability to read her mind is not my problem.

Okay, maybe this whole thing is different for spouses, but…when it comes to roommates…

If you didn’t put it on the communal grocery list for purchase,

and you didn’t wash it, slice it, prepare it and/or cook it…

and you didn’t package it up in tupperware for future use…

…then no. You don’t get to help yourself to it… :mad:

Doesn’t seem such a difficult concept to me.

But I’m not bitter… :wink:

That’s the rule at our house. If you want leftovers, you have to claim them. Once claimed, everyone else has to keep their hand off.

Yeah, for a long time, if I didn’t specifically tell my husband “hands off those leftovers”, they were gone. And if I took too long to get to them, they were also gone. Most things in the fridge are “for anyone”, but if I bring home half my lasagna from our dinner out, damn right I’m keeping it for myself! Of course, now I’ve got him well enough conditioned that even when I tell him he can have my leftovers, he hesitates.

As for everything else in the fridge, I would hope he’d let me know if he takes the last of something, so I know to replace it on my next grocery run.

Thankfully my wife and I have never fought over the fridge. Why would we? The food was bought with our money. Anything in there is for our home. There are things I don’t like (cottage cheese, tomatoes) and she doesn’t like watermelon. But I wouldn’t freak out if she gave a slice of watermelon to a guest. Anything we buy is for our home and shared.

Do any guys here do all/most of the cooking? I did all the shopping and most of the cooking during my marriage. I had no fritch rules. But I still somehow got in trouble at times from eating the leftovers or certain items.

I do all of the cooking, menu planning and shopping. Whatever is in the fridge is available to any one in the house.

Just don’t eat the plums and write a moronic poem about it and I won’t come after you with the weed whacker.

Try actually writing a good poem.

So YOU’RE the one who’s been eating my nail polish!

A nice theory that often fares badly in the real world.

In a communal living situation, my biggest rule is: don’t eat my food! In return, I promise to never eat yours. My (female) LL and me share the fridge and cabinet space, but not the food. It’s worked out well so far (going strong for over a year now). One time she ate a danish of mine (she had an urgent sugary craving), but replaced it the same day. And that’s been the extent of it.

I’m really bad about sharing in general, because I’ve *always *had to worry about saving money my entire life. If I ever lived with someone long-term and shared finances, I’m not sure how I would handle it. Fortunately, I haven’t inflicted this oddity on anyone in adulthood :slight_smile:

There’s a very simple rule in our house: if it’s chocolate, it’s mine, unless I specifically give it to someone. In fact, I once told my husband that eating chocolate was hazardous to his health. :stuck_out_tongue: When he asked why, I said it was because I’d kill him if he got into my Godiva again without asking.

Thinking back to my shared college apartment. We rotated buying lunch meat, milk, cereal, bread etc. Each week it was somebody’s turn to buy for that week. No one got anal about how many slices of ham you took for a sandwich or did you use extra milk on your cereal. We even alternated buying bath soap, laundry soap and fabric softener. Although that didn’t need replacing very often. Best that I remember, we each chipped in a couple bucks to buy a big econo box of laundry soap to use at the laundromat. It must have lasted nearly a year.

We were so busy studying and trying to have a social life that arguments about our living arrangements didn’t really come up very often.

Wow, I wish someone would eat the damn leftovers, they sit in there forever.

Eat all the leftovers you want. You know what ticks me off? Eating all the ingredients. You eat all the chocolate chips, you’ll be out of luck when you ask me to make you cookies.

And if you want me to put on a huge feed for your family, maybe consider that the week coming up to that feed, I’ll be planning and buying special ingredients and prepping stuff in advance and freezing it, and maybe you shouldn’t open the freezer and think, “Ooh, special cookies!” and eat half of them.

Just a suggestion. For your self-preservation. :slight_smile:

It sometimes does matter. Of course the food in the fridge is communal family food, but as the one who does the cooking, if a key ingredient is used up and I don’t know about it, then thats the evening meal bolloxed.

As a side note, anyone who keeps their tomatoes in the fritch doesn’t deserve them.

I also think that quasi should apologize for being such boor … while using the guest soaps after working on an engine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s kind of weird for a family. About the only thing I can see being claimed is the doggie bag. Otherwise I’d put a note on it.

On the other hand, when I lived with my sister, we didn’t generally share food. We lived on different schedules and ate different things. But there were a couple of times I would make a big pot of something and she ended up eating most of it. And leaving the dishes for me to wash. I’m pretty sure I’d have been justified for killing her.

Looking at this thread through the retrospectroscope, I think it should pertain to me more than anyone else. I’m the one that needs notes written for him. Thanks, y’all for not taking it hard. :slight_smile: