Win 98/2000 on network - seeing each other

I just installed a new connection (satellite) to replace my T1. With the prior setup, I had a T1 coming into a csu/dsu, then to a router with a fixed IP, and into a hub. All the computers in the network also had fixed IPs. OS ranged from NT 4.0, 98, and 2000. All machines in the system could see each other in the Network Neighborhood.

The new setup has the satellite coming into a Win 2000 machine, then a NIC from the same machine connects to a hub where all the other machines are connected. IPs are assigned dynamically, and the 2000 machine (calling it the satellite server) runs Internet Connection sharing.

All machines on the network (98 and 2000 machines) can connect to the Internet. The problem is, I have a laserjet connected to the satellite server 2000 machine. Other 2000 machines on the network can see this printer, but none of the 98 machines can see it. In addition, all the 98 machines can see each other, and all the 2000 machines can see each other, but no cross-OS views of the machines.

All machines have the same workgroup and the same settings to connect to the Internet.

So, I’ve tried everything I can think of, but I haven’t found a solution. Can anyone help?

What is the DHCP server?

I believe the DHCP server is the Win 2000 machine connected to the satellite.

Check your “Workgroup” settings. The default Workgroup names may be different for Win98 and Win2K, or it may be case-sensitive. I’ve run into this kind of piddling crap while setting up my own internet sharing network supporting a Win2k (now WinXP) machine and oine or more Win98 machines.

You might also try adding an extra protocol or two. Try adding IPX/SPX and NetBeui and see if it helps.

I found the solution. Win2000 machines must set “Use NeetBIOS setting from the DHCP server” to be visible in the network to other machines when configured as I have them.