Win 98 wireless what is the secret?

Hi I am having a bit of trouble trying to get my win 98 SE desk top to connect with a wireless router I just bought. The router is working as I am typing this on a Vista laptop connected wireless. The software is installed on the 98 box and the netgear software sees the network, but Internet Explorer can’t connect. Going to network neighborhood, properties I have Client for Microsoft Network; Netgear wireless adapter; TCP/IP; File and Printer Sharing. I have checked the TCP/IP settings and they are set as these instructions :

I did find a setting under the wireless adapter properties,advanced, wifi11bIBSS set to disable that I tried both ways enabled & disabled. NO luck.

The router & wireless adapter are NETGEAR, I just bought both at Radio Shack, the adapter says Win98 compatability.

Anyone who has a win98 wireless working care to share their network properties configurations?

Any thoughts or web sites that might help?
Bob Z

I hate to be a debbie downer , but I have never gotten windows 98 to connect wirelessly , I was tearing my hair out trying to get the pmcia card to work that I just wanted to rip the wireless cab file out of xp and port it over to 98.

Good luck though


Win 98 is easy to make wireless but it requires more considerably hand tuning and use of the router manufacturer’s wireless applet vs XP or VIsta which has a lot of this functionality built in and many Vista units wil almost set up automatically.

Make sure the wireless channel number of your router and the card are set identically. Also IIRC Win 98 may not play nice with the latest wirelsss security protocals so you make have to use the older WEP protocol.

Re your using the linked instuctions I’m a bit confused as they appear to be for setting up your PC to use the existing campus wide wireless network and have nothing to do with how to set up your Netgear wireless router and card.

Thank you for the replies.

Astro: I used those settings for the Network Neighborhood settings, except I forgot to mention I used the my router network name (home). My bad.

I tried moving the win 98 pc out of my room, and set up right next to the router (which is across the house). After several tries, it worked. So my son’s Vista laptop will work wirelessly in my room, but my win 98 pc will only work if its in the same room as the wireless router! The settings on the win98 pc must of been okay but perhaps for some interference it won’t connect two rooms, about 20 feet away.

Again thanks for the help.

Bob Z

What kind of wireless adapter is the PC using? Assuming it’s on a USB wire adapter mount it as high as you can on the wall or shelf away from the PC . The PC metal case will effectively block 99% of the required signal if you place it the adapter dongle at a poor angle

The adapter is a NETGEAR USB. Sorry I do not have the exact model as its at home. It is just one piece that plugs into the USB port, no moving parts. I did try moving it front to rear of the PC and changing the angles of the PC no luck. Tonight I will pick up a long cat5 cable and try moving the wireless router to closer room.

I use a laptop with Win98se and a USB wireless adapter all the time. I did have problems initially with Zonealarm etc but I have found what the trick is. In my case I go to the Device Manager and disable the ethernet NIC and enable the USB wireless. It works with no problem. When I want to coneect via ethernet I enable the ethernet and disable the wireless in the Device Manager. If I do not do this it seems Win98se gets confused as to how to connect.

I suppose you could have different profiles to do this but I just enable / disable each one manually.

I’ve got an old Win98 laptop that I use for various webcam monitoring projects and I sometimes use a wireless PCMCIA card for it - it does require a connection management utility installed, as well as the driver - I can’t remember whether that came on the CD with the card, or if I had to download it.