Win Ben Stein's Money

Is this the perfect game show for Straight Dope Fans or what?
Ben Stein {who is obviously Unca Cecil’s secret love-child} is a know-it-all after all our hearts! He risks the show’s prize money & gets to keep anything he can keep out of the hands of the contestants! Much better than Jeapardy & winner of several Emmys!
And it’s funny!
Give your favorite quote, joke or question here!

I love the look of utter surprise on Ben’s face when he gives a wrong answer.

“I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time…”

WBSM is the only show that I never miss (now that MST3K is over). I’ve watched it from episode one, and it keeps getting better.

WBSM rules! It is far & away the BEST game show ever. I love the rapport between Jimmy Kimmel & Ben Stein (I like Jimmy Kimmel’s new show too, "The Man Show).

I personally like it when a contestant answers witha question, as they do on Jeopardy, and Ben makes them wear the dunce cap.