Winamp is crapping out on me

I have the newest version of Winamp (5.094,) and I have the following problem:

After a certain time of runnig Winamp, playing songs (it’s not always the same amount of time, anwehre from five to sixty minutes, it seems) Winamp will stop working. It will not play any more files. I hit play, and the winamp GUI flashes for a second, the file’s ID3 info coems up, but it won’t play. The slider doesn’t move, play button does nothing, etc…I can go to the next file, previous file, load folder, etc… but still nothing will play. The real crazy thing is, the problem will NOT go away unless I restart. I go into task manager and there are no instances of winamp running after I close it out, not even in the system tray, yet it still won’t play when I load it back up. Even logging out and back in won’t fix it, only an actual restart will.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I still get the same problem. I have XP w/ SP2, and my sound card is the one built in on the Abit NF-7 board.

Any suggestions?

I have 5.02 something or other and I get the same problem from time to time. It’s pretty rare though, not at all a regular thing. It usually happens if suddenly the computer stalls (doing a task like opening a program or website) at the same time the song changes, then Winamp will get stuck. The only thing I know that fixes it is a restart, so I’m no help there, but I think it’s just a matter of being unlucky.

Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled with no restart, and the new install STILL has the problem. So methinks maybe there’s a deeper issue at work here.

I used to have a similar problem with an old motherboard that i would never get ANY sound out of my on board sound UNLESS I had winamp on. Yeah, I never understood it either. I could only fix it by buying a seperate PCI sound card and disabling on-board sound. I could install that card on this machine, but I would rather not do that, cause I can use that card in my old mobo I want to turn into another machine to use.

I’ll update my drivers and see what that does.