wind harp sound and mathematical calculations

I may try to build a wind harp but a little more free form than linked there. First, let me admit that I’m clueless on wind harps and everything associated with them, but I might just try the following design:

A section of PVC pipe (8ft by 4in???) with the wires run from the angle iron base (see link) up through transverse holes in the pipe back down to the other side of the angle iron. So the one wire will actually penetrate through the pipe and out to both sides. I would have several holes going through the pipe at different distances along the length of pipe. Now I’m vaguely aware that resonant sound waves can be set up in different lengths of pipe; so perhaps I should calculate at what distances along the pipe I should drill my holes for the wires. I don’t think i should set the wires at (theoretical) 8 ft, 4 ft and 2 ft distances…somewhere in a little corner of my mind I think I need to measure odd distances like 3/4; 1/2; 1/4 the distance of the furthest hole. Or is it 4/5; 3/5; 2/5 etc.?

Yes; I’m doing this “unencumbered by the thought process.” So I turn to the musically inclined dopers. Where do I drill the holes along the pipe, to get nice resonances?

Or am I so clueless that I can’t even think of what I should really be doing to make this damn thing.

You will learn much by following secondary links from the one you provided.

Strings vibrate in fundamental full wave & harmonic modes. Adjust the lengths of eight strings proportional to the common musical scale and there you are. What are those proportions you ask. Ask wikipedia or google or yahoo or …