Wind Turbines

An electric co. wants to put up 50 400+ ft. wind turbines in our area. Good or bad???

What is this, a game show?

What do you imply when you say game show?

You make a single, impossibly vague statement and then demand to know if it is “good or bad???” as if the board has been subjected to some kinda of reality show guessing-game in which we win fabulous prizes and vote on who gets sent to Cecil’s Chamber of Horrors for an hour.

IOW, it was my somewhat snarky way of pointing out that the question is rather impossible to answer, given that there is almost no information, including what the OP considers to be “good” or “bad.”

Where is “our area” and how close are they? In your backyard? Up on a mountain ridge? Along a remote highway, or towering over the nearby elementry school?

I think turbines are pretty cool, visually, and of course relatively low impact compared to other forms of power generation (though they do take up a large aggregate footprint for the power output they provide) but I wouldn’t want to be close enough to hear them.


Idon’t think that my question is impossible to answer. I am waiting for answers from people that have them on their property and people that live near them. I’m sure they will be able to tell me, “Good or Bad”


(For me, at least)

Bad, if someone tries to make you swallow one.

OP, why not actually furnish us with a few more facts? How they’re going to affect you and to what extent will depend, at the very least, upon how far the site is from you.

1000 ft. What about the noise level, strobe ef
ffect, flickering,
etc. Unless you live near one I don’t think that you are qualified to answer.

Sure, but until just now, you hadn’t defined what you meant by ‘near’.

I don’t live by one, but I’ve been near lots of them. They do make a bit of noise - a periodic swoosh of the blades and a low but quite pervasive hum from the generator.

Relevant article from The Guardian newspaper in the UK.

Since the OP seems to be looking for input from people on the basis of their personal experience with wind turbines, IMHO seems to be the best forum for this.

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I work for a company that builds them…so I say GOOD!

It’s about time we got an objective opinion.

Wind turbines are very clean energy. Think of how many coal-fired plants they can replace. Some people think they look beautiful, especially if it’s their land they are sitting on and generating rental income.

They work at night, unlike solar power.

Do they kill birds excessively? The jury is out on this one. Bird lovers don’t like them, but they don’t like domestic cats, either, and my cat doesn’t generate much energy except a few sparks when you pet him on a dry day.

Noise? I wouldn’t want to live directly under one, but I hear the noise of Lake Michigan every day, and sometimes it is VERY loud, but doesn’t generate any income for me, at least directly. It’s all relative.

Renewable energy sources.

This is the type of info that I was looking for. Thanks

I thought for a moment you meant an adjective opinion, in which case I was going to say; ‘majestic’.

Glad I could help. :wink: