Window A/C Question

I recently added two window A/C units to my upstairs of my new house, and they do a pretty good job keep the place cool when I need them to. However - I have noticed that they may be doing too good a job of lowering the humidity.

Any things I should know about Window A/Cs that might help with that, or any things in general I should be cautious about?

Are you experiencing any specific problem? That’s really one of the great things about A/C- it gets rid of the nasty humidity so you feel better. All air conditioning works on the same principle-cooled air cannot hang onto moisture the way warm air can, therefore it condenses on the evaporator coil and drips out of the unit.

Well, I came down with a cold right about the time I put it in, and attributed the initial sore throat partially to the dry air.

I also have an issue with noise form the unit - almost loud enough to drown out my alarm clocks.

If the dry air is really bothering you, which it does some people, you can always add a moisturizer to your apartment. Really, hot as it is, I’m firmly convinced too much AC isn’t good for you.

Not much you can do about the noise. The only thing I can recommend is:

to screen it off somehow, which of course will make it not as cold.

Or to rearrange your bedroom so your head (and the alarm clock) is further away from the AC.

Dunno about the cold. Perhaps coincidence. Remember the old standard- corellation does not prove causation.:wink:

As to the noise, does it seem like the units are transmitting vibration to the wall assembly, hence making it louder? If so, try placing foam between the unit and the window frame to try to mechanically isolate the machine from the wall.

Most units have a switch or lever that works the air out vent, which lets a small amount of fresh (humid) air to mix with the cooled air. You could try opening that up, or if it has a thermostat, turn it up (warmer) a little bit.

No, I don’t think the AC caused the cold, I just think it’s aggravated the sore throat.

It’s the roar of the fan that’s the source of the noise, not vibration.

Another question is how well did you “clean it” before turning it on (assuming its not a brand new model).

One year I didn’t do a good job vacuuming out dust and cleaning the filter and got a nasty sore thoat the first night I used it,

When I do careful cleanings I have no problems.

Brand new, or Lowe’s has some splainin’ to do.