Window Folder Size Graph

I have a 30 gig drive on my laptop. Windows shows that I have about 4.6 gigs free, but I can’t seem to find where the other 22 or so gigs went. Does anyone know of a utility that will provide a graph of the relative folder sizes on a Windows disk? Manually clicking on folders and waiting for the size to be generated is rather…inefficient.

Well, obviously I know where some of it went, but you get the idea.

Not a graph, but it does generate the size of all your folders at once:

Folder Size 1.0

And you can’t beat the price (Freeware!)

This one is graphical, but if you have as many folders as I do, the graph is a little unwieldy to be of much intuitive use.

Space Monger 1.4

Also freeware.

Disk Space Explorer does the trick - it will draw a zoomable pie chart of disk space usage. It’s free for 30 days then you have to pay for it, I think.

Steffan Gerlach’s scanner.exe is my poison. I love this program - it is tiny, just an exe file (no install), has a good graphical representation with zooming etc. Absolutely free.