Windows 10 Commercial with the kids

So, Microsoft has a TV commercial in heavy rotation that shows kids doing various things. The voiceover says that these kids will do great things.

You can view the commercial here.

Can we all agree that great things are not likely from the little girl on the diving board? They show the girl at the end of the high-dive, but when it is time to show her dive, she runs the wrong way! Look at the kid on the ladder. He’s about to dodge the girl coming at him.

What is going on in this commercial??

They WILL do great things. For now they are just doing kid things like backing out of a dive.

Is this the one (won’t click link) with the incredibly ugly baby at the beginning?

I hope this kid does great things, because with a face like that, life is going to be difficult.

The whole point is that we can’t tell by how they act as a kid what they will do, but we need to do what we can to help them do what they can now.

Now, I’m not sure how Windows 10 will help the kid on the diving board, but that’s true for a lot of those shown. That’s just advertising these days–connect your product with a feeling, not what it can do.

I totally didn’t get that the girl was backing out of the dive. It looked to me like she was lining up for the dive, steeling her resolve, and then running the wrong direction. I was so afraid that the little girl ended up a splat on the floor right after the camera cut away.

Actually, I’m not sure that there ever was a girl on the diving board. I think she was added digitally later.

Typical Microsoft standards, there. A couple dozen kids, and you expect that only one of them will change the world? Give them Macs, and I guarantee that at least 15, maybe 20 of them will.

I thought the direction of the commercial was all kids are goofy and you can’t tell which of these are going to grow up to do great things. Forget all of that because at the end they show us it’s the girl doing the drawings. So don’t be wasting time on the kids playing or throwing basketballs out of the window.

No. Clearly, Start Trek TNG tells us that because she backed out of the dive and displayed cowardice, she will grow up to have a safe a predictable career as a botanist. She will not do great things.
Now, on the other hand, if she had gotten into a bar fight…