Windows 10 involuntary downgrade is a bug, and MS is working on it

Today, I woke up to find that my computer is complaining at me that my Windows 10 copy needs to be activated. Digging further, it claims that I have a Windows 10 Home license, not one for Windows 10 Pro which is (so far) currently running on the computer.

I originally had a authorized authentic copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, with product key and MS CD, and took advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. After the usual irritations with changing OS, it’s been running fine for the last year or two. Now this.

I’m just writing this post because it looks like it’s a bug, per this blurb from Forbes, and, from the article, it looks like MS is aware of the problem and there’s no need to freak out.

Still annoying. Let’s hope it stays at just annoying.

Typical bloody Microsoft!

Slashdot story and discussion:

I really don’t appreciate the reminder that Microsoft’s products are based on an obnoxious “mother may I” model. It makes Linux look pretty good, but so many user-level products don’t have effective non-Microsoft alternatives.

Stupid Microsoft.

IMO it’s worth ditching those particular user-level products.

This hit me last night. Go to the activation screen and click Troubleshoot and the problem gets fixed.

However, what’s really interesting is that the activation check is not a one-time thing or something that gets done when you update but a continuous ongoing thing.

Was coming back to say that this worked.

Your point is noted. What else is involved in the continuous, ongoing information exchange with MS? Even with all of the privacy settings turned on? Can MS come back and arbitrarily decide that, for example, my media files are now unauthorized?

Does a Win 10 computer compulsively try to connect itself to the Internet so that it can talk with the Redmond mothership?

Is basically Win 10 nothing but a gigantic spyware app?

Well, from 8 on.

A ton of “phone home” stuff goes on without your permission. No one is certain what is being collected and how it is being used.

Sleep well, citizen.

Yes, it does.