Windows 10 Question

My CD player won’t work under Win 10. I understand there’s a download that will fix this.
It cost’s about fifteen dollars but where can I find it? What’s it called? And most importantly, does it work?
Thanks for your help!

Do you mean won’t work as in “doesn’t show the CD drive at all” or won’t work as in “can’t play music or video”?

If it’s the latter, there are plenty of free options such as VLC Player.

Second that. VLC player is great.

i haven’t heard of any paid-for fixes for non working CD drives. who told you that?

By “My CD Player won’t work”, I assume you mean “I can’t play music CDs on my CDROM or DVD drive in Windows 10”. Which usually means a problem with Windows Media player, assuming that’s what you were using before your upgrade.

There is a Microsoft Knowledgebase article that includes a patch (KB3099229) which fixes some issues about media in Windows 10. This includes actually installing Microsoft Media Player in Windows 10, for those installations that don’t have it. Because apparently some don’t.

Installing non-MS media players like VLC would probably also work.

Is it the cd player or DVD movies?

I read somewhere that MS now wants to sell you a version of the media player for $15, so that is clearly what OP is referring. Just one of the unheraled benefits of upgrading to Win-10.

Well, when I upgraded from 7 to 10, I didn’t lose Media Player. And no one charged me squat for the KB patch I mentioned above, which fixed my problems accessing music stored on my phone via USB. (Specifically, installed a correct MTP driver.)

Microsoft has been plenty douchebag in the Windows 10 run-up without making shit up about them.

Do you have a link to a reputable source for this story?

Windows Media Player is included in Windows 10.

Windows Media Centre was a paid-for add on in Win8, but isn’t available for Windows 10.

Windows DVD player is free for Windows 10.

So not sure what you’re referring to.

Only if you upgrade from Windows 7 (or versions of Windows 8 with Media Center). It’s $15 otherwise, I believe.

Someone also claimed the same for Media Player, but you can download that for free.

Huh. You’re right - I stand corrected.

VLC player for the win then. There’s an app store version of VLC as well as the desktop application.

I was going to say that I can’t understand why MS would charge for this when there are obvious free alternatives, but I guess they’re doing it because a portion of the user base will just open up and pay, not realising there is a choice. Bit of a dick move Microsoft.

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