Windows 11 thread, poll and specs

Agreed, updating without permission is just plain intrusive. It’s the ‘we know better than you’ syndrome. Haven’t had a problem with any software being flagged though — other than by security software and that (or at least what I use) gives you the option to ignore or not. I have my anti-virus type software set to pretty low security otherwise it flags damn near anything and I’ve turned off the continual barrage of warnings. It appears security software is like most everything else these days. It warns about anything and everything to cover their own ass.

For reasonably proficient computer users who use a degree of common sense combined with 3rd party preventative measures this shouldn’t be a huge issue. Unless there is a really compelling reason that makes me want to further line the pockets of software/hardware developers, I’ll stick with what works.
Now; if it were a large company environment whereby one has little control over network users (dumb shit Doug down in sales is forever opening attachments that no intelligent person would) I may view things differently.

I’m CTO for an IT consulting company and you would not believe what people with a degrees in IT will click on, never mind my two teenagers at home.

There are also 0-Day attacks you can’t anticipate, like the emergency iOS update this week due to a single malformed text message installing spyware on your device.

Apple’s iOS 14.8 Pegasus security fix: iPhone users urged to update immediately - CNET

Protect at the perimeter, core, and device is the only way to keep even with the security threats. Not going to warez sites isn’t enough.

Oh, yeah. That’s something I forgot to mention. They’re doing all this as Linux is gaining ground in the places where Windows has traditionally dominated. Valve, with their development on Proton (a WINE replacement), is doing great things for compatibility with gaming. And the Steam Deck is probably the one PC I’ve seen the most hype around.

This is not the time to be pushing away the more casual users with older machines that could get by with, say, a Chromebook. And it’s not the time to be reducing the customization that the gaming enthusiast cares about. Hardware is largely unavailable, and the forced obsolescence is transparent. All the while their marketing on this is just all over the place.

I do not understand what Microsoft is doing. Is the plan to have Windows 11 not really go anywhere, to get the PC builders off their backs?

What percentage of new Windows systems are gamers or casual users? I assume that corporate users are the majority.

I’d believe it. I’d typically spend hours getting my machines back to normal after IT ‘updated’ at one place I worked.
At the same place I once spent 1/2 hour debating the IT manager why the computer system wasn’t running pre-press & related equipment properly & efficiently. After this 1/2 hour he finally conceded he knew very little about such software & the hardware they operate. I guess he was hired based on other considerations. Pretty strange considering it was a large printing company.
Agreed however that a lot of people have very little common sense. And that certainly doesn’t begin & end with computers.
Coincidentally; I just noticed that my computer requires a restart to install software updates. This is where I have a problem. I certainly didn’t download any updates. I have no idea what the updates are (other than presumed operating system updates). Last I checked it was my computer, bought & paid for. I should be able to control what goes into and out of it. Microsoft doesn’t permit you to choose anymore. Apparently they think they can run my life better than I’m capable of. Sure there’s a work-a-round, but I think that’s a take all or nothing.
Microsoft, and no doubt other corporations, want full control and I suspect this is a slippery slope that will only become more intrusive. I got rid of Windows 10 apps that urged you to login to your account for this or that. I have no reason to log in and nor do most people. However a lot of people (computer users) blindly follow what the computer tells them to do . . .like the computer is a person, or their boss or something. I don’t get it.
I have a friend who always tells be they can’t do something because of their security software, or whatever.
Well if you go through and set up the various options, that won’t be a problem.
But I’m afraid to change anything.
That’s when I recuse myself from the conversation.
This almost turned into a rant :wink:

Don’t know if this has been mentioned upthread. Assuming one’s Win10 computer is capable of running W11, is the upgrade to 11 automatic and mandatory, or will it be optional?

Thanks, but no use. I’ve disabled it at every Windows setting I can, but Microsoft changed something in an update a year or so back that dicked around so much about Tablet use (basically turning a precise tool into a clumsy blobby finger) that Wacom had to add a specific “Disable Windows Ink” feature in their drivers. But only as far back as the version immediately after my tablet (which is now 15 years old). So I’m stuck, but have small hope some enterprising person will fix it with a miracle trick. The best I’ve found so far is this independent driver, but I can’t get it to work, and it’s still in beta.

For various reasons I’m planning on buying a new desktop within the next month or so. If Windows 11 is due to be released on October 5, does that mean if I buy a computer after then it will come with Windows 11? I’d really rather stick with Windows 10 for as long as possible.

If you buy it from a company like Dell that customizes systems, you can probably specify that it have Windows 10. On the other hand, if you’re buying something off the shelf at Best Buy or Costco, you probably can’t make changes like that.