Windows 7 Downloads [Legal Only]

My friend’s shop has a volume license for Windows 7.
My friend needs to do an install of Windows 7 on a system located at her house.
Is there any way to do a Windows 7 download from Microsoft? We have a valid key, just no media handy.

Thanks in advance!

You can download the Windows ISO with an MSDN subscription, if anybody at your company has one.

Other than that I’d contact and see if they can give you access to their download.

You have to make sure whatever ISO you download matches the exact Windows version of the license key; there’s a whole bunch of different versions (Ultimate/Pro/Volume/International/OEM/etc etc). For that reason, I’d look at the documentation that came with the volume license - it’ll probably tell you where to get the correct

You don’t want to go through all the trouble of installing Windows 7 and then find out you installed the 32-bit International Home version and your license is for the 64-bit US OEM Volume license, because you’ll have to start over with the right ISO.

At least, that’s how it used to be. I guess there’s a small chance they’ve changed it with Windows 7, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

I’m pretty sure this is legal:

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Those are from Digital River, which provides download services for lots of software purchases. When I buy products from VMWare directly, for example, it’s really through Digital River. Those ISOs come with 30 day trial license keys. You have to enter a valid license key to use them past 30 days. From what I understand, those ISOs are Microsoft’s recommended method for getting Windows 7 install disks which have Service Pack 1 integrated.

If your friend did not charge you for an activation either he is paying for it out of his own pocket or he has a pirated copy, “volume licence” is the word often the term bandied about by techs pirating OS’s.

A volume licence charges the owner based on the number of activations allowed, its not a free method to do as many installs as you want.

The computer in question is a company computer; the code in question is associated with their volume license.

You are good to go then. I’ve used those exact download links before when I had to do a reinstall, just entered in the key from the bottom of my laptop. Also, those are actually valid links to valid software. You could, in theory, download the software/ISO from anywhere so long as you have a valid (as in its legally yours) key code. BUT, “other places” which you can download Win7, etc. from can have compromised copies of the OS.

I do not know about Windows 7, but previous versions of Windows had different media for VLV installs. The keys would not work with standard retail distributions.

Digital River link worked, the corporate license keys went right in with no muss, no fuss.
Thanks all!

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