Windows 7 - Prevent from going to log-in screen.

After a few (?) minutes of no activity Windows 7 goes to the log-in screen. How can I stop this and have it remain showing the desktop at all times? I’ve gone to Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety but don’t see a setting there that would help me.

Control Panel -> Power Options -> “Require a password on wakeup”

You probably need to click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable” first, then select the “Don’t require a password” option.

Actually, what I described above just disables the password checking. If you don’t want the screen to go blank at all, go to Control Panel -> Power Options, then click on “Change plan settings” next to the currently selected plan, then set the “Turn off the display” option to a longer time, or to “never”.

“Don’t require a password” is already selected there.

Windows doesn’t ask me for a password at the log-in screen, I just have to click on the little picture in the center of the screen to return to the desktop, which admittedly is not much, but seems unnecessary.

We where typing at the same time.

Actually I do want the screen to go black after a while, 30 minutes in my case. What I don’t want is for the desktop to change to the log-in screen after the indeterminate (I guess I could time it) amount of time with no activity.

How about this: right click the desktop and choose Personalize, then Screen Saver. Uncheck “On resume, display login screen”.

That’s the ticket. Thank you!