Windows 7 volume control

I have a Lenovo desktop running Windows 7. Unfortunately, my keyboard does not have volume control. Is there a key combination built into Windows that will control it?

If not, any suggestions, short of buying a new keyboard?

It’s a slight pain to mouse over to the tray and bring up the volume control. Keystrokes would be so much easier.

This is what you’ll need.

That looks like an option, but I’d rather not install software on a work computer.

if neither installing software nor buying hardware are options; you might consider simply leaving the volume control window open, alt-tab to it when needed and use the scroll button on your mouse.

My Lenovo laptop has a mute button just above the F1 key and a +/- volume button just above the F2 and F3 keys. Your desktop lacks these?

Yep. All I have above the function keys is a useless indent for holding a pen. This keyboard is new, but looks like a 1980s IBM board (and actually has a pretty nice keystroke to it).

Set your windows volume at about 30%.

Then, use the volume knob on your amplified speakers.
I never have to touch the windows volume again.

These days, they probably offer remotes with some amplified speakers. The remote should have a mute and other nice features.

I ain’t got no speakers! I use earbuds all day with Pandora.

They didn’t mean literally above. They mean as an alternate command, in the way the “!” and the “@” are “above” the 1 and 2 keys. Typically modern laptops have a option to control volume by pressing the Ctrl + F2 buttons (F1, F3, F4 etc.). On my Vaio, Ctrl + F2 is mute, Ctrl + F3 is volume down, Ctrl + F4 is volume up.

Nope, they are just function keys (except Alt + F4 which closes a program).