Windows 7, where the hell is my clipboard?

Or maybe I don’t need my clipboard. I got a document via Email. The spaces I need to populate wont let me type in them. It’s Adobe reader, a function on there allows me to copy to clipboard. But I can’t find my damn clipboard!

Or, how else can I populate those spaces?
Thanks for any help.

It sounds like the PDF file is not really a form, just a digital sheet(s) of paper. Copying to the clipboard won’t really help if that’s the case.

What you need is the Typewriter function, and the only free PDF viewer I know that has it was recommended to me from this board. Try PDF X-change Viewer. Use the typewriter function, and don’t be afraid to mess with the font or size to make it fit. When you save the file, it will include what you’ve written on top of it.

BTW, I do not recommend making it your default PDF viewer, as it does take longer to load. Just use it when you need to write on top of a PDF.

I can’t figure out what you are trying to do. What do you want to do with the clipboard? How would you have accomplished your goal if it wasn’t Windows 7?


Well, I thought if I copied it to clipboard I’d be able to type in the spaces I need to populate.

Thanks for the link Big T. I’ll give it a try.

Does the PDF accept text input from the Keyboard? IOW, can you type data into the fields you want to paste data into?