Windows 98 startup wav

Even though I have Windows XP, I think I’d actually like it to play the Windows 98 startup music, but I can’t find the name of the wave file so I can try to find a copy and download it. Does anybody know a wav file I can download and use to replace Windows XP Startup.wav file so that I’ll get Windows 98 startup music instead? Thank you.

Here’s an .mp3 of the Win95 sound, if you don’t mind converting it to a .wav

Is it different from the win98 sound? (The first thing I do after a windows install is turn all the sounds off.)

IIRC, the .wav file is named Startup.wav. AFAIK, you’ll have to copy it from a Win98 PC. I’ve never seen it anywhere else, but I’ve never looked for it, either.

Here’s the [startup sound from Windows Me]( Microsoft Sound.wav). (474k)

      • Apparently this file gets renamed during install. On the Win98 CD it is inside one of the cab files and named as “logon.wav”, but after install at some point it gets renamed to “The Microsoft Sound.wav”. On the Win98 install CD it is compressed in one of the cab files, so a normal file search won’t find it. I first tried rooting around on the Win98 install CD, but had no luck and had to drag out an old hard drive with a Win98 install on it. I have posted it here (677 kb) :

Hi-jack time.

Anyone have a link to the XP music when you start up the computer for the VERY FIRST time? You know the initial setup settings music? I think its “Welcome” something…

      • I don’t remember it right off, but it would either be located on the CD somewhere (might be inside a cab file) or it would be a resource inside the “runonce.exe” program…

Thank you. Thinking about it, I still might have my old Windows 98 disk, or at least I was going to look for it, but it looks like you did all the work for me :slight_smile:

I like this one myself. :smiley:

LMAO I had never heard that one. If there is an audio equivalent to BSOD thats it.