Windows cost WHAT?!

Typically you need to replace the windows, the interior and exterior trim (casing), and expect there to be some sheetrock and/or siding repair to be done. But you also have to flash and caulk the window properly. Andersen (not Anderson) windows are vinyl clad on the outside, but wood not he inside that needs to be painted. Painting is probably going to be an additional cost.

You can do cheapo “replacement windows” that are all vinyl, w/ no casing, but they don’t look as nice.

:slight_smile: I wonder if anyone has ever done that? These ones also have all the info etched into the glass at the bottom corners.

I’ve read, but never confirmed, that Marvin windows are the best/most expensive. I’ve seen a few of them at Habitat for Humanity Restore stores, and they do look very well-made. Wonder what those go for custom.

On the Gardenweb kitchen forums, a person was breaking down the cost of his insanely expensive kitchen remodel. I want to say it was $17K just for the bank of windows over the sink. Insane.

I didn’t watch super close but caulk and expanding foam seemed to be what was used. Again, unless there’s trim work that needs doing on the outside, the windows themselves are installed from the inside.

  • and we’re very pleased with ours. The originals were from the 1870s, drafty as hell, not standard sizes, and obviously single pane. (built in place I would guess).

We did have it done while the house was being painted so the combination storms were also removed and the trim was repaired by the painter guys, but unless you have rotted sills and/or outside trim that needs fixing, there’s no need to be on the outside of the house.
Oh yeah, and the cost per window averaged about C$400 - for custom made, double glazed, argon gas, installed yadda yadda.

Did you save the old windows and frames? depending on condition and whatnot, sometimes you can get quite a bit of money for those really old windows.

Because it works …

Here’s the theory, remembering that all real estate markets are local:

Spend $10,000 on new windows for your house. Double that value and add it to the selling price of the house, sell the thing, pay the window company their $10,000 and put the other $10,000 in your pocket … easy money.

Alternately, sit on the house and collect interest on the $20,000. When you sell in 8 to 10 years, pay the window company their $10,000 and put $30,000 in your pocket … easy money.

If you’re renting, then you’re paying your landlord to make these kinds of profits for himself … you get nothing.

Not around here you don’t. There’s enough derelict houses around that anyone who wants them can help themselves. Gave the aluminum storms to one neighbor who has a nice greenhouse built with them. The old wooden ones went to another neighbor who also planned to build a greenhouse with them.

I had some antique windows I tried to sell on Craigslist. Never even got one response.

When Bruce Williams had his financial advice show in the 90s, one of his repeated mantras was NEVER pay the contractor a dime before the work is finished. His bottom line was if the company isn’t solvent enough to do the the work first, they probably aren’t very good. Also if the work is done poorly the customer has zero leverage to get it fixed if they’ve already paid. He had many a small time contractor call in to argue that point, but he always mopped the floor with them. If the contractor was concerned about the customer’s liquidity, they could put the funds in escrow

Here’s an article that makes the same point.

Apparently in California it’s illegal for contractors to ask for or accept more than 10% or $1000.00, whichever is less, for a downpayment.

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Good luck finding a contractor willing to work under those terms. Not in CA where I live. Typically, your contract will have a retention amount, payable only after the work is 100% complete. That retention amount will probably be some very small % of the entire contract amount.

Routinely ignored.

For something like this, the window vendor will nee a 50% deposit just to place the order. The contractor will simply bill you in advance if you won’t agree to an up-front deposit.

Six years ago, we got 8 new windows, including a bow window, plus a slider, all installed in one day, and the total cost was (I think) between $7-8K - from a local manufacturer, and they’re triple-pane units. They are vinyl replacements, so not the pretty, fancy-pants ones like Andersen, but they flip in for cleaning, they seal well, and compared to the crappy single-hung-with-aluminum-storm-windows, they’re fabulous! Plus when one pane had a problem, they replaced it without question.

So, talk to some locals.

well I did say sometimes

Where is your kitchen window? If it’s over the sink, will there need to be tile work done to fix the backsplash?

Things like that have to be very special to be valuable, not just old. There’s a graveyard for antique fixtures in CT with acres of beautiful antique pieces, and they were mainly acquired for the cost of demolition and removal.

I’ve been a homeowner for over 26 years. Currently on my fifth house. Never ha a problem finding someone willing to work under those terms. Not even when I lived in a small (population under 3k) town. Too much competition for anyone to get away with crap like that.

If no one is enforcing the law, it sounds like you need to move somewhere that isn’t run by crooks.

I didn’t say it wasn’t enforced, just ignored. The speed limit is enforced, but it’s routinely ignored. Like I said, once the work has started and you need to order the windows, the supplier will usually want a 50% deposit. It’s not fair to expect the contractor to finance that, so it’s reasonable for him or her to charge you up front, or to ask you to pay the supplier a deposit.

I agree that it’s reasonable to want some money for the windows themselves up front, JM.

If i were renovating, i would agree to pay for the windows in full, provided that the contractor brought the windows to my house and left them with me.

That way, if and when the builder does the well-known Contractors’ Disappearing Trick, i can call someone else to come and put MY windows into my house. No way i’m paying the labor costs for installation up front though.

Wouldn’t a regulation like that only apply to new construction and renovation? Seems like houses built or renovated when prior regulations were in effect would be exempt.

I had a similar experience to the OP a few years ago. Guy came out, did a little presentation with a demo window, and then quoted me a price of $18,000, at which point he was invited to leave. Apparently plenty of people say, “Yeah, that sounds great!” because he seemed surprised. I was like, dude, you are insane. That price is ridiculous. I know how much windows cost, I know how to replace one with another and how long it takes, and I can guess what you’re paying the small handful of guys you’re going to send to put them in. There is no way, no way, that you should be charging me $2000+ per window. Two days later they left a message saying they wanted me to call so they could offer me a “better” quote. At least now I know to never do business with them. I’m getting pissed just thinking about it.

Honda makes fine automobiles, but the last Honda salesman we had the misfortune of meeting was just about the living embodiment of everything bad you can think of when you think “car salesman.”

Why? It works, I guess.

That’s nuts. If a contractor is “ignoring” the law you don’t pay them. You report them. Otherwise you’re part of the problem.

And a contractor not being willing or able to float the material costs is a HUGE red flag.

Like I said, know one could get away with crap like that around here. They wouldn’t last two weeks, because there’s too much competition.