windows exporer a bit unhappy, should I be worried

about three or four times a day (it happens when I open a new program, but not always) windows explorer shuts down (XP sp1). It comes back up within several seconds none the worse for wear but it makes me a little worried about such an important windows component. Should I ignore it or face the worse and reinstall everything which would be such a major pain.

When did this start happening ? Have you tried using System Restore to go back to a previous working state ?

Have you run scandisk ? Did it give you any errors ?

Go to Start/Run and type cmd then type:

C:>chkdsk c: /f

Reboot and see if scandisk gives you any errors.

scandisk was OK. I haven’t used system restore as I have been putting so much software on that it would be a real nuiscance to go back. I will continue to use it, but am prepared for a major crash one day