Windows help, Load.exe

Ok, I just installed Norton Antivirus, and what do I find? I have 3 virus on my computer! One of the virus was in a file called LOAD.EXE in the Windows/system directory. Is this file important? I deleted it just to be sure, but is it something I need to replace? If so how?

Well, according to Symantec, this file is actually the means of propagation of the Nimda worm so shouldn’t be on your system at all.

I guess that is how I got it on my system… I think Norton said it was the nimbda virus. I wonder how I got it? Didn’t open any exe attachments, only .avi. Oh well.

Well, I cleared it out of my system, so that is good. And I don’t have anyone in my e-mail address books, so that is good. Thanks for your help DarrenS

Okay, what you do in the future is just drop the name of a file in your browser HTTP address box. In this case drop LOAD.EXE in that box, hit return. This should bring up a web page with loads of info on that file or any other one you have. It’s a great & very fast way to search.