Windows IE question

Something really wierd has happened to my Windows Internet Explorer 6.0. The thing is that when a new window opens or a new page comes up, I have maybe 5 seconds to click on a new link. After those first few seconds, then the page “freezes” until it is completely loaded. In other words, I have to wait until a page fully loads before being able to click on anything. Heck, if I try to alt-tab into an open page that is not fully loaded, that page will not pop up until the load is finished. Effectively, I’m getting a 30 second or so delay clicking between pages. It is driving me crazy. I’ve checked the settings, and if that is the cause I can not find the specific setting. I’ve tried to reinstall, put on the latest service pack, delete and reinstall.

I’m running Windows 98, Microsoft Office XP. ADSL internet connection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jeez, you really pick your problems, don’t you? :slight_smile:

Took ages to find anything on this, but since no one else seems to be helping you…

It seems this might be a problem with some activeX scum/spyware.

I got the information from this page.

Hope this helps! Let me know if it doesn’t sort it though, and I’ll keep looking.

If you click on the “Add/Remove” program and click IE6 remove, you will get a pop-up screen giving you the option to correct it. If you haven’t tried that, give it a shot.

Damn, Racer1, that was impressive! Here I’ve tried to reininstall IE, downloaded patches, changed security settings (better change those back), etc but this one was spot on.

Thanks so much for the help, and a tip of the hat to barbitu8 as well.