New windows in IE6 don't load

I run Win XP and IE6 and in the last 2 weeks I noticed that whenever a new window is directed to open (either by clicking a link that opens it or by using the “open in new window” command available via the right click) no content loads into the window.

This is a new system and it worked just fine at the getgo. Now I have this vexing problem.

I don’t know how something changed. I haven’t futzed with the security settings. Maybe some software I installed (intentionally or inadventently)?

Anyone have suggestions to fix this?

Wouldn’t normally do this, but the problem is driving me loco. There must be an easy fix.

Sorry to clutter.

Are you running any pop-up stoppers?

No, no pop-up stoppers

I would go through your security settings carefully. That’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Also, and this is somewhat random and unlikely, but install and run ad-aware to check for spyware. It’s possible that some spyware got installed and is stepping on your browser.

Ad-aware was my first thought as well. Didn’t help.

Try going to add/remove programs (or whatever XP calls it. I am not in front of my XP machine right now) and select Internet Explorer. and try the “Repair” option. That MAY do it. If not, let me know and we can try something else.

Joey G

That’s a good idea. I’m at work now, though and won’t be home until tomorrow. I’ll try it and post the result.

I believe this is a fault with IE. We had the same problem at work with IE5.5; a small patch file fixed it. Unfortunately I cannot access MSDN at the moment, but I’d recommend searching the Microsoft Knowledgebase using “new window” as the search string.;en-us;Q281679

Thanks, Snetho.

Thanks a million guys. I can’t wait to get home and fix it!!

This happened to me too. I believe I even posted about it.

I just dropped down to the last version (before 6.0) of IE, waited a few weeks, and reloaded it. Works fine.

If all else fails, uninstall then reinstall 6.0.


I can’t get to the MS support page because my home system won’t open the new window. :mad:

-----workaround in progress-----

It worked! It worked!

—screaming like this in my apartment complex is typically not well tolerated----