Windows laptop without bloatware?

Looking for a new Windows laptop that does not come preloaded with all kinds of extra software I don’t need. I hope they exist . I would prefer not to buy some obscure brand. I’ve had good luck with Toshiba and Lenovo in the past.

You may want to give up on getting a clean laptop up front and just make sure you also get a Windows install disk (or have some legitimate way of downloading one). My Lenovo came with the install USB stick that allowed for a clean reinstall.

The Microsoft online store has Signature edition PCsfrom many makers, without bloatware.

So remove the bloatware. It should take less than an hour.

For this purpose, I’ve used PC Decrapifier in the past and it worked pretty well.


Thirded for the MSFT store.

I used to work at MSFT, departure wasn’t my choice, BUT the Signature Edition PC’s are the bee’s knees. I’ll never buy a PC that I don’t get at the MSFT store. It’s clean, never had the crapware on it, hardware has been optimized to run Windows efficiently.

Buying a core i7 with crapware degrades performance to where you really only get core i5 performance. So, why pay for an expensive Intel chip if you’re just going to let the crapware suck out the performance?