Windows ME Help Question

Can anyone remember how to determine the speed of the CPU with ME? I have tried “Control Panel” and “Systems” and it will give me RAM but not processor.

Right-click “My Computer” and then “Properties” I think.

Thanks. It comes up with the same thing from Control Panel- it says it has a Celeron chip but no details.

Windows 2000 had msinfo32.exe. Maybe Windows ME does too.

Start -> run -> msinfo32.exe

I believe the belarc diagnsotic utility will run on an me machine.


If it’s a PC from a major manuf the specific model # will often let you get info on the hardware setup via the web.

run dxdiag.exe

I did as Palooka suggested and it comes up with Celeron `500 Mhz. Thanks

(As explanation it is an old computer. One of my “main” ones has crashed and I need a replacement for someone to play a few games on.)

And thanks- I now have the ME machine connected to ADSL 2. heavens, it is slow.

CPU-Z gives a lot of CPU and RAM info as well.