Windows ME help

K, well this is the second CD ive tried now today and i still cant get it to load. It stops copying files at 10% and gives me the error message

" Generic Installer Error
Message SU99405
UpdateLnes___Processing Error
0 x 195 "

I can’t seem to find anything about this on the microsoft site. Theres a Generic Installer Error that can come up after the O/S is installed but doesnt seem to cause any problems, and there is an error that can occur at 10% files copied that is caused by a defective cd, and possibly a virus that would appear when you run scandisk, but thats comes up as a different error message. Anyone able to help ?

is the computer a gateway, is it an ME upgrade or a full version?

HP, Upgrade

best guess – ya may want to format and reload the system directly into windows ME – if you wipe the system clean and boot to the ME CD you can go straight to ME. Another option would to try to boot to safe mode (f8 as the system posts) and uninstall the ME upgrade

kinoons, not necessarily.

Anyway, back to the OP. First, read the setup.txt on the cdrom.

You MUST turn off virus &/or boot sector protection in the Bios, any virus scanners, any other programs you have running. I think that you can close all but explorer.

if you don’t, it can’t install because it can’t write files because they are protected from being written to.