Windows Media 10

Well, I was doing a little mindless tinkering (like, I don’t remember how to undo whatever it is I did) :wally with my WMP and now I can’t hear the lyrics clearly. I hear the music perfectly and hum along with the opening strains, yet when the words are to begin it’s just me singing along to the track. Great if it was karaoke but not with all my audio files. It does this on every one so I ass-u-me that I changed something within the player and not the formatting of the tune.

Any advice please? This is driving me crazy. I guess I could delete all the songs and copy the originals back into the playlist, but if it’s just a setting I’d sure like to fix it like that! Thx all!

Do you have a karaoke plugin installed in your player? You can check by going to Tools > Plugins > Options and clicking on the various plugin types listed, particularly the audio DSP listing. If you do, you can configure it from there to turn it off again.