Windows Media Player Has Me Frustrated Again!

I’ve made a few posts about my WMP issues and I can’t seem to get away from them (the issues and the WMP line of media players). I used WMP10 for the longest time. It was by far the best one they had ever made. In fact, I didn’t switch to 11 until about a month ago. While it took some getting used to, I was able to live with it.

Now, I installed Windows 7 and, with it, WMP12. For the most part, I like it. One thing that seems to bother me is the double click. On every media player I can remember, double clicking adds every song in the category you’re viewing to you Now Playing List. However, they’ve always had an option to change it so it only adds the song you double clicked. That makes things a lot easier. Unfortunately, either this version doesn’t have that option or I’m completely missing it.

So, is there is a way to change that?

Also, I read a website saying by default, WMP is 32bit but you can change it to 64bit. Think that’s worth doing?