Windows Media Player Help (WINXP)

I decided that I was fed up with the constant memory leaks and crashes of Windows 98SE, so I recently upgraded to XP. So far, everything has worked quite well… except I had to give up Windows Media Player 6.4

XP comes with it’s own version of the media player, but I have not been able to install a certain codec for it. I want to install the SMR codec (available at, on the right) It works fine with WMP 6.4 on a 98SE box, but I cannot get XP’s version of Media Player to display the picture for any smr encoded movies.

I tried to install WMP 6.4, but it just comes up with an error that says it does not support Win 2000.

Does anyone know:
a. How to get the new WMP to play an smr movie?
b. How to get around the restriction and install an old version of WMP.
c. If there is another (preferably free) media player that will accept such codecs and actually display picture?

Zoom player will work.

Awesome. It works wonderfully.