Windows overwrite file "no" - any enhancement to functionality?

I’ve got a 20 gig MP3 folder on an external hard drive, which I want to copy to my C: drive. My C: drive already has 2/3 of the MP3s on it, and I don’t want to overwrite them - just add the other 1/3.

If I use Windows to copy the external drive’s MP3 folder over the top of the C: drive’s MP3 folder, I get the choice to overwrite all duplicate files automatically - but if I don’t want to overwrite the files, I have to say “no” each and every time - which is a pain as there are thousands of MP3s.

Is there a way to make Windows automatically ignore duplicate files and only copy the ones that don’t already reside on my C: drive?

(Hope I explained that well enough. Thanks!)

Found here in about 5 seconds via Google.

Thank you.

In the future it might be better to use Robocopy for this kind of large copy operation. It’s a versatile utility that offers much more functionality than the Windows GUI. It automatically skips existing files and can resume failed transfers if the /ZB switch is used.

The command line version can be downloaded as part of the Server 2003 Resource Kit, and the graphical version is here.

Wow, I sure wish I’d known about this earlier. Now if only there were a “No to all” option for copy/xcopy from the command line…

Robocopy is packed in with Vista too, which is nice.

Microsoft’s own SyncToy tool would also do the job. It’s great for the sort of thing that the OP is doing.

Wow, that is just what I was searching for myself. I thought I’d have to go into batch mode to do that.
I sure wish all these hidden features were on the visible options. Half of my favorite options are not on pulldowns or button names but some obscure thing that a frustrated programmer must have added for his own use after the specs were frozen.