Windows question

Where are updates that have been downloaded but not yet installed kept?
Thanks in advance.

Not knowing what version of windows you have…Go to Control Panel>Windows Updates, from there there should be something that says View Available Updates (or something along those lines).

Sorry. I have XP SP3. There’s an icon in CP titled Automatic Updates but it won’t let me delete the update for IE7, which hasn’t been installed. I’d like to delete it from whatever folder it’s hiding in.


[meager attempt at helping]If you see the name of the update, could you search on it?[/maah]

The best I can think off off the top of my head is to uncheck it, and then tell windows not to ask about that update again. Though it would still be on your system, just hidden.

How about this…
Delete the Previously Downloaded Windows Updates
Open My Computer
Double-click on Drive C (or whatever drive Windows is installed on)
Double-click on the Windows folder
Double-click on the SoftwareDistribution folder
Double-click on the Download folder
Click on Edit on the menu bar
Click on Select All
Click on File on the menu bar
Click on Delete and delete everything in the download folder
Return to the SoftwareDistribution folder by clicking on the green up arrow on the toolbar
Double-click on the EventCache folder
Click on Edit on the menu bar
Click on Select All
Click on File on the menu bar
Click on Delect and delete everything in the eventcache folder
From Here

ETA, upon reading this, you may want to be careful with that “Select All” command, and just attempt to locate the IE7 download.

Thanks Joey P, but there is no Software Distribution Folder on my machine.

There almost certainly is. But it’s hidden by default. make sure you have the folder options set so you can see the hidden & system folders. Also make sure you’re logged on as an admin (“owner”) to be able to do any deletions.

How about just doing a system restore?