Windows Update Server?

I’ve heard that there is a product made by Microsoft that will allow a network admin to grab Windows updates on a server and distribute them to the network clients without each workstation having to get them individually. Does anyone know if there is such a thing, how much it costs, and how I can get it? Many thanks in advance!


The product you’re looking for is Software Update Services. The FAQ has a link to the free download page.

Thank you Number!

Here is an example of the usage.

"*A new computer worm (a type of computer virus) called “Welchia” is affecting the performance of company business systems around the world. This worm generates very large amounts of network traffic, disabling key computing systems, significantly degrading network performance and compromising our control environment. We must take immediate steps to get our business systems back on line as soon as possible.

IT is pushing software patches over the network to company PCs and servers. These patches will prevent infection of systems that have not already been affected and eliminate the worm from infected systems.

How will this impact me?
You may receive a pop-up message on your company PC informing you that a software patch will be applied. Due to the serious nature of this situation, it will not be possible for you to decline or “opt out” of receiving this software patch. After the patch is applied, you will have five minutes to save your work before your company PC is rebooted.*"