Windows Vista: Pictures/My Pictures Problem

Hey Y’all I need some help with the above.

  1. I made a screen shot, and everything was fine until
  2. I apparentally chose the wrong file to put the picture in.
  3. I chose PICTURES instead of MY PICTURES, and now
  4. Instead of seeing the actual pictures I am seeing them all listed all the way down the screen in (I guess) file form
  5. I found a choice which says “recently changed” and I clicked on it
  6. That brought up all the files of the pictures I had mistakenly put in PICTURES, because I recognize their folder names.
  7. How do I change and put them back into MY PICTURES so I can see the actual pictures all at once instead of seeing them in numerical file form



Either drag all the files from PICTURES to MY PICTURES


In the PICTURES folder, right-click an empty part of the window and choose “View” and either “Extra large icons” or “Tiles”. Experiment with both to see which you prefer.