Windows XP and DirectX 9.0

I have a problem installing Directx 9.0 on Windows XP. WHen I try, it pops upa box telling me that it won’t install it because it has not passed Windows Logo Testing for compatability with XP. I find this odd, given that the file came from Microsoft itself. I have seen others on the net have this problem but no solutions have been given.

So, how can I install this, or better yet, how can I disable Windows Logo Testing?

Windows seriously needs a ‘piss-off I will configure this manually myself’ option. I know that won’t help, but I rarely use it -best of luck anyway.

Are you installing it via the “Windows Update” tool in IE, or via an executable that you downloaded?

Whichever way you tried, maybe try the other way.

OK, I wrote the above without actually knowing if it CAN be installed via “Windows Update” in IE, I just assumed. If you can’t and have been going nuts trying, sorry.